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Update Contents and Changelogs

Throughout the course of time, Mini World has introduced various updates to the game that fix bugs, add new features, items, blocks, creatures, and other elements. The most recent update appears first, and the previous updates appear below each other.

Click an update on the Table of Contents to immediately be brought to that update's changelog section, or scroll down to see the full list.

v1.7.7/v1.7.10 VOID NIGHT – 2.0 Part III

  • Released on May 9, 2024

  • Plant Mutation
  • Animal Mutation
  • Monster Mutation
  • Void Invasion
  • Upgraded Battle
    • Two-Handed Weapons Available
    • New action available
    • and more…
  • Upgraded Mining
    • Introducing Vertical Tunnels
    • Introducing [Canyon] Terrain
    • Brand New Ores
    • 4 New Types of Underground Relics
  • New Skins
    • Void Shadow Serina
    • Lord of Twin Fish Helena
    • and more…
  • New season and new gameplay
    • Exciting Bonus Updates
      • Eilo
      • Fitter
      • Gunfight Challenge: Legend of Fire
  • Other Content
    • Enhanced Cooking with Stone Pot Stew
    • New Functional Blocks and Furniture
    • Introducing Traveling Merchants
  • Introducing Traveling Merchants

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v1.6.1/v1.6.2 – 2.0 Part II

  • Released on 26th January 2024
  • New event maps
    • Gobble UP! Dino UP!
    • Blast Master
    • Only Jump
  • The Spring Festival Events is coming back! Complete its quests to win permanent skins and DIY avatars.
  • New Battle Pass season: Energetic Joy
  • New skins
    • Ice Princess Irena
    • Evelyn
    • Dragon Girl
    • Koi Girl
    • and more…
  • Existing skin resales: Keyi, Kexin
  • New mount. HP recovery and Stunning skill
  • Spring Festival discount carnival! All skins up to 80% OFF!

v1.5.14/1.5.15 – 2.0 Part I

  • Released on 20th November 2023
  • Release of Advance Creation Mode
  • Two new mounts
  • New Battle Pass season: Dinosaur
  • New normal and Battle Pass skins (Tenos and Trisno)

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v1.5.5 – Arctic

  • Released on 7th November 2023
  • Release of Ice Field ecology
  • New creatures, plants, blocks, furnitures, villagers and many more
  • Two new mounts
  • New normal and Battle Pass skins (Tribal Nini, Valuntine and Tribal Warrior Kaka)

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v1.4.41 – Moonlight Gala

  • Released on 28th September 2023
  • New normal and battle pass skins
  • New moonlight themed map with games and rewards

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v1.1.4.22 – 808 Carnival

  • Released on 10th August 2023
  • Amazing skins discount up to 80% at Misra's Jolly Shop
  • New normal and Battle Pass skins (Nipro and Bofill)
  • New mount

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v1.3.0 –

  • TODO

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v1.0 –

  • TODO

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v0.58.0 –

  • TODO

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v0.57.0 –

  • TODO

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v0.56.3 –

  • TODO

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v0.53.10 –

  • TODO

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v0.51.0 –

  • TODO

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v0.50.0 –

  • TODO

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v0.49.0 –

  • TODO

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v0.42.0 –

  • TODO

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v0.41.10 –

  • TODO

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v0.40.5 –

  • TODO

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v0.40.0 –

  • TODO

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v0.39.6 –

  • TODO

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v0.39.0 –

  • TODO

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v0.31.1 – A Physically Festive Update

  • Released on 18th December 2018
  • Display Center/My Profile tab revamp - This redesign has all the features you love, along with new ones! Let's check it out!
    • We've added a popularity count to your profile! Higher scores mean more popularity, and it'll always be there as a flex to other players. The formula for popularity is: (Friends * 10) + Fans + Map downloads (How many times people have downloaded your maps) + Status likes + Album likes.
    • The Display Center now has three tabs! Let's see:
      • Maps - Displays all of the maps you've made at the top, and maps you've favorited will be listed at the bottom.
      • Status - Displays your or another player's statuses.
      • Album - Displays the photos that you've uploaded to the album.
    • If you look at your own profile, you'll see a little box in the bottom-right corner! Tap or click it to see a list of your maps, which will be your Map Channel. You can manage each map with some settings:
      • Using Promote will pin the map to the top of your Display Center.
      • Using Hide will prevent others from seeing your map in the Display Center or other methods of searching.
      • Using Recommendations can let you type a description or opinion of the map for everyone to see.
        You can also view the maps you've favorited.
    • In this new Display Center, you'll see two buttons below your character:
      • The smiley button is used to change your mood, which is shown above your character as a speech bubble! Edit the text in it and add a cute emoji that can also change your character's current Motion.
      • The lock button can “freeze” your profile picture and character to be the skin you're using. Even after switching skins, they will stay the same, until unlocked!
  • New items
    • Gravity Claws are a new cutting-edge tech equipment! It can be used to pick up any item with physical properties, then to accumulate power, and finally to throw the item with force! But what are items with physical properties? Keep reading!
    • Marble Shotguns are used to shoot Marbles, as their name implies. Marbles can be used to knock back any items with physical properties.
    • We've added some common items with physical properties for use in maps or just to have fun. Check them out!
      • TODO

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v0.30.15 – Friends and Sharing

  • Released on 28th November 2018
  • Area Duplication Blocks, Blueprint Workbenchs, and Rangefinders are now available and can be synthesized in the adventure mode!
    • Note: When duplicating structures in the adventure mode, you need to obtain all of the materials used to build it first, so you can't duplicate your resources so easily!
  • Remember our recording feature? Well, you can now add video effects to them! You can add bubbles, clouds, sparkles, or petals to your video and make them appear at certain timestamps.
  • New friend list overhaul
    • The friend chat interface is now a pop-up menu on the left side of your screen, instead of being on the right side of the friend list
    • The friend count has been changed to display the current number of online friends and total friends (separated by a slash), and moved to the friend chat interface. If everyone on your friend list is offline, just remember that the Mini-Captain is always there for you!
    • The playing/online/offline status of your friends is now visible and can be refreshed every ten seconds
    • A tracking function has been added to your friend list. When your friend is playing on a multiplayer room, you can simply click the tracking button and enter the room instantly. I no longer have to remember my friend's UID and painfully type it in just to join their room, awesome!
    • A sidebar has been added to the friend list, with four tabs:
      • Mini friends: Shows your online and offline friends.
      • Recent playmates: The people you've last played with in multiplayer will appear in this tab, and you can add them quickly.
      • My follows: Shows the players you've followed, and you can easily unfollow them if you want.
      • Add friends: Type in someone's UID in this tab to view their profile and send them a friend request. If you're on a mobile device, you'll also see your personal QR code for other players to scan it and add you as a friend!
  • New sharing features
    • You can now brag about your skins, DIY skins, and mounts by sharing them to your friends! Just don't get them too jealous or they'll get angry and remove you from their friend list, haha
    • You can also share cool maps to your friends by clicking the button below the heart in a map's Gallery page.
    • “The Little Princess from the mysterious undersea kingdom gets lost in the Mini World. Those who make her happy will hear her beautiful singing.”
  • Quality of Life and minor changes
    • DIY footprints can now be previewed by tapping or clicking them before purchase
  • Bug fixes
    • Fixed an issue that would clear the scroll letter's data when switching items in the Quick Bar in creation mode while having one

v0.30.1 – A Lively and Spooky Update

  • Released on 30th October 2018
  • New blocks - We have added various new blocks to help our builders make structures quickly and easily!
    • Two Area Duplication Blocks can be placed on the opposite diagonal corners of a building or a structure to enclose it in a blue outline, and you also can modify the positions of each area duplication block until the range's right for you. After this, place a Blueprint Workbench next to any of the area duplication blocks to change its outline to an alternating yellow and black pattern. Now, just tap or right-click the workbench, use a Blank Scroll, type a name, and wait for the scroll to be processed into a Blueprint Plan! When you need to duplicate a building, place the new blueprint, power it with a lithium signal, and watch it build itself automagically!
      • Notes
        • The maximum X and Z range for Area Duplication Blocks is 64 by 64. The Y or height range limit is infinite. That means you could fit 1,654,784 blocks in that area!
        • These new items aren't available in the adventure more yet, but will be soon. Stay tuned!
    • Do you have so little time that you need to quickly calculate the distance between two blocks? Just use a Rangefinder! You'll immediately get the measured distance by placing two of them within a straight line. If you couldn't read the distance in time, use a Wrench to display it again.
      • Note: The maximum straight line range is 64 blocks.
  • Want to express yourself even more in the Mini World? Then use the brand new Motions feature! Tap the kissing icon in your Quick Bar or press the X key and choose eight of the ten Motions available to make your character play a little animation and express your emotions. Confused, angry, victorious, grateful, you name it!
    • “A mysterious and powerful Magician who has a book full of mysteries and a seemingly useless magical headgear.”
    • Includes a 66 Mini Bean reward when purchased!
  • Existing skin resales
      • “The elegant and grim descendant of the royal family who received the Embrace.”
      • Includes a 66 Mini Bean reward when purchased!
      • “Trick or treat”
      • Includes an exclusive frame when purchased!
  • New DIY avatar accessories
    • There'll be lots of naughty children in Halloween, so dress up as a patrol sheriff to restore the order of Mini World! Includes these accessories:
      • Patrol Sheriff Headwear
      • Patrol Sheriff Face
      • Patrol Sheriff Outfit
      • Patrol Sheriff Pants
      • Patrol Sheriff Shoes
    • For the funny mini gamers, we have made these two accessories made just for the lols:
      • Tough Horse Hairwear
      • Unicorn Pants
    • Other accessories:
      • Fair Lady Hairwear
  • Bug fixes
    • Fixed and optimized issues such as lag and some DIY avatars not displaying correctly to other players, as well as other related issues

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v0.29.4 – Horas Update, Part III – The Ancient Colossus' Revenge

  • Released on 26th September 2018
  • “The forgotten Ancient Colossus statue has reappeared in Horas!
    He vents resentment because he was abandoned by his then-friends on Horas a while back, and after the discovery of Horas by the mini gamers, he had the perfect time to get revenge on everyone. This now-deformed Horas needs more heroes, like you!”
  • New boss: the Ancient Colossus! This boss has three challenging phases:
    • First phase: Ancient Colossus
      • The first phase can be summoned by going to an Horas Altar and placing these blocks (1 block away from the altars) in order, remember to prepare strong weapons, equipment, oxygen, food, and movement tools beforehand though:
        • Place a Diamond Block on the altar on the north direction
        • Place a Malachite Block on the altar on the east direction
        • Place an Horas Copper Block on the altar on the south direction
        • Finally, place an Horas Graviti Block on the altar on the west direction

          After the blocks are placed, the entire ground will get scorched, the totem will emit a bright light, and the Ancient Colossus will be summoned, along with Genesis Rocki, Frosti, and Bulli! The Colossus' waist and eye will emit a white, blue, or red color periodically. You have to attack the Genesis creature that matches this color before his light dies out. Hitting the correct creature will decrease the Colossus' health, and you can then repeat this process to eventually defeat it and summon its second phase!

    • Second phase: Ancient Giant
      • This phase triggers immediately after the first phase has been defeated, and is more difficult than the previous one. The Ancient Giant has higher attack strength and can knock players very far away, which could make the Ancient Giant the dominant rival. To defeat this phase, you need to observe the emitted color on the Giant's waist or eye, go to the pillar that has a stone matches that color, and break the shiny stone. The Giant will then get dizzy and left unprotected, which is the perfect moment for you to deal as much damage as you can to it. Repeat this process until the Giant's health is halved, which will summon its third and final phase!
    • Third phase: Furious Ancient Giant
      • After the Ancient Giant's health drops to less than half, it will enter a state of complete frenzy and have a significantly higher damage output and attack range, which makes it harder for you to evade its attacks. The pillars will also be further away to make the fight much more difficult, but the process is the same as the second phase.

        After the Giant has finally been defeated, a nest made of Horas Rocks with a golden jar will appear. This jar contains precious rewards for the bravest gamers!

  • New blocks
    • The Ancient Colossus Statue is one of the precious rewards found in the jar mentioned before. After activating the statue with a Regen Rune, it will supply an infinite amount of oxygen in the same area distance as a regular Horas Totem. Likewise, tapping or right-clicking the statue with an Illu Rune will mark or unmark its location on the minimap.
    • The Colossus Core is also one of the precious rewards found in the forementioned golden jar. After being activated with a lithium signal, it'll emit a laser (the distance of the laser depends on the signal strength) that can generate more lithium signals to blocks that obstruct the laser's path. It can also damage players that step on it. Tapping or right-clicking it with a Wrench will increase the laser's maximum range, and Reflectors can, well, reflect and change the direction of lasers emitted from colossus cores.
  • New items
    • Plunger Crossbows can retrieve players, creatures, or blocks back to you by shooting a plunger and retracting it! What if you try to retrieve your friend into a hole and troll them? Or steal the blocks from a base? Just get creative with it!
    • Energy Pulse Bows and Arrows are upgraded versions of regular bows and arrows. This bow deals slightly more damage, but its main gimmick is that the arrows it shoots are able to bounce through walls, ceilings, and floors! Try to make a map focused on these bows and make epic trickshots against your enemies using the new arrows!
    • Two new creative-exclusive foods have been added: Night Vision Spores and Sprint Roasted Chicken. The night vision spores will add night vision for ten minutes when eaten, while the sprint roasted chicken will grant a 75% movement speed bonus for ten minutes.
  • A new type of plugin has been added: Storylines! They're essentially a way to communicate with any creature using up to four predetermined responses, but there's a lot more than just that! You can also add preconditions that are checked before a player talks to a creature and set up tasks that they have to complete to get a reward. Let's see what you can create with those!

Read more: Update Content 0.29.4

v0.28.5 – Movies in Mini World?!

  • Released on 1st September 2018
  • “Have you ever wanted to make Mini World machinimas and funny movies? You can now enjoy the new official recording function in-game now!”
    • If you're the host of a room or are in singleplayer, you can now find a new button when you tap/click the cog icon on the top-right corner! Along with the snapshot button, you'll find a shiny movie button that can be used to enable the recording function. After enabling, you'll find a ▶ button in the left side of your screen that you can tap/click to immediately start recording your game. When you're finished, just tap/click it again and the recording will be saved in the same place your maps are in, so you can watch it anytime. So easy!
    • Along with recording maps, you're also able to edit your in-game videos! Add text, set camera positions, add music… Perfect for a Mini World micro-movie!
    • Lastly, you can upload those videos on the Gallery for millions of people to see!
  • Quality of Life and minor changes
  • Bug fixes
    • Fixed a series of issues such as custom library sorting methods and lag
    • Fixed some issues related to custom creatures' hunger, action production, and their other attributes
    • Fixed other bugs such as Genwood saplings disappearing when they reach their third growth stage

v0.28.2 – Horas Update, Part II – Vitality Found!

  • Released on 16th August 2018
  • “The mysterious Horas planet finally embraces its vitality due to the first entering of mini gamers from Miras into this extraterrestrial land. After their arrival, they found nothing but a colorless, lonely, and barren environment. They were despised by this, so they decided to bring the newest technologies and mutated chickens to Horas.”
  • New creatures have been brought to Horas, and they're all chickens! Let's see who they are:
    • A small chick once believed that if it ate and exercised enough, it would be able to fly in the sky and fall peacefully regardless of gravity. After mutation, its wished has been fulfilled and has turned into a tameable, flyable and fat Redchisk. This chicken's etymology comes from the words “red” + “chicken” + “sky”.
    • After the mutation of an innocent chicken, it has transformed into an aggressive Rooster that will attack anything without fear. There's only one word in its dictionary: Fight!
    • Squawkers are silly creatures with silly appearances that scream in different pitches depending on their color. How to change a Squawker's color? Easy! Just use a Paintball Gun, a Small Easter Egg, or a normal-sized Easter Egg. If you find a good sound, hitting the Squawker will always produce the same one. You can get creative with this and make a whole song using just chickens, that would be very funny!
    • There were no shops in the Horas planet before, but those smart businessmen found out that so many players are now visiting Horas, so they traveled to Horas too and turned into horas_merchant.jpeg Horas Merchants to sell the things they find! However, keep in mind that they only accept Horas Shells as currency!
  • New blocks
    • The most experienced mini gamers have invented a new sequenced type of technology, bringing a new lithium block: Signal Resolvers! After plugging a Command Chip and activating it with a persistent lithium signal, the resolver will analyze the chip and broadcast signals to Signal Receivers within the 32x32x32 block range and that have the corresponding channels during each tick. Up to four command chips can be added, and they will be analyzed from left to right, and from top to bottom. Of course, you can also tap or right-click a resolver with a Wrench to change its color if you need to broadcast signals to receivers of different colors.
    • Passwords! They're all we need to save our storage boxes from wild kids or naughty guests that only grief and bring destruction into your maps, so we added Small and Big Code Cases. As what their name implies, the host can type in a 4-digit number code that will be used as the case's password. Other players will need to guess the code to access the items in the code case (if they don't give up so soon). The difference between a small and big code case is the amount of items they can hold. Small ones have 10 slots of items, while big ones have 30 of them! Now uh, one, two… Wait, what was my password?
  • New items
    • Command Chips can be opened to select or deselect squares. Each square in a row is attributed to a different channel, of which there are eight, and each square in a column is attributed to an analyzing tick, of which there are 32. The analyzing speed can be adjusted from 0.2 seconds to 0.6 seconds. After modifying the command chip, you can plug it into a Signal Resolver and then activate it so the chips can be analyzed. If you know how to use these properly, you will be able to avoid the hassle of crafting a lot of Signal Generators and just craft a lot of signal receivers!
    • If you need to move a creature from a place to another but they're so stubborn that they won't follow you, just shoot it with an Egg Gun and it'll turn into an egg that can be used to spawn the creature wherever you want! My life has been made so much easier! Remember to also bring the Egg Gun Bullets for it!
    • Since Horas lacks oxygen, torches and fireflies can't be used to light this planet up, so the mini gamers have invented a workaround: Fluorescent Slingshots, Fluorescent Bombs, and Fluorescent Balls! Fluorescent bombs need to be thrown from a fluorescent slingshot, and once they land, they will stay in the ground and will light up around the nearby blocks. If the bombs land on a creature, it'll become fluorescent temporarily. Fluorescent balls can be thrown with one's own hands and it'll work the same.
  • New plants
    • Below Horas' floating islands, you can now see some beautiful and colorful mushrooms lighting up the ground below them. These are Horas Spores, which although they come in lots of colors and are stunning to look at, they're also poisonous and will either temporarily make you more visible to monsters, make you move to the opposite direction, give you night vision for one minute, or all at once!
    • In the surface of Horas' floating islands though, you can now find Fluorescent Grass! Like Horas Spores, they're also very colorful, but they're not edible. You can use the fluorescent grass to make Fluorescent Bombs and Fluorescent Balls.
  • When making a custom creature using plugins, you can now set up more types of AI behaviors for them! Just imagine about Nini helping you collect wood automatically, Kaka sleeping at 12 PM everyday on time, or them taking things from your storage boxes without asking you first! You can make a lot of AI friends in-game now, but why do I feel so lonely…? Maybe it's because you haven't played Mini World yet!
  • Since we now have mutated chickens, we won't forget about new enchantments. You can enchant boots with Spider Climbing to be able to climb in any wall by just walking towards it. However, this will also make you fall quicker when you crouch, so be careful!
  • Two new Horas BGMs have been added. Listen to them in-game now!
  • Quality of Life and minor changes
    • A report system has been added! You can now report players, maps, and individual rooms if you think that they're breaking the game's rules. Remember to be respectful, and don't make inappropriate content in our game! You also shouldn't make blatantly false reports or you'll be the one who will get banned!
    • A wishlist feature has been added to the DIY skin page for accessories that you plan to buy later
    • You can now filter DIY accessories by gender
    • Pandas seem to be disgusted when seeing Rotten Meat, so they will now stay away from players who are holding it. If you forcefully feed it rotten meat anyway, the panda will disappear.
  • Bug fixes
    • Fixed a bug that wouldn't let the player send feedback to the game developers in-game
    • Fixed an issue that would make Signal Receivers fail to work correctly after being driven by a sliding block
    • Guests with Horas Copper Drills can no longer break the host's safes

v0.27.4 – Horas Update, Part I

  • Released on 19th July 2018
  • New dimension: Horas
    • “After taking down the evil Ancient Black Dragon, you get a mysterious blueprint, with which you craft a spaceship, and finally reach the new realm with a different environment, a lower gravity, thinner air, with dangerous mountains, hills, and basins, small abandoned totems, cute creatures, and various floating islands around the planet.”
  • New creatures
    • A local race on Horas has been discovered! The members of this race are Rockis, Frostis, Bullis, and Gravitis. Each one of them is different, but they all have unique and cute appearances and you can make friends with them! (Except Gravitis, someone told me that they aren't very nice towards extra-Horas-trial people, and they learned it the hard way…)
  • New blocks
    • Deep down in the sea, you might find chunks of Solid Oil on the ground. It's said that you are able to make it into fuel for the spaceship!
    • New ores have also been discovered in Horas' floating islands. You may find Horas Copper and/or Horas Graviti ores on them, which are very precious! However, Gravitis are also quite protective of them, so watch out before mining them!
    • You may find some grey trees on Horas made of Bald Genwood. You might also find some fruits on its sides, which you can eat to gain a bit of oxygen! (However they don't taste that good)
    • Various futuristic decoration blocks have been added to complement the discovery of the Horas planet, check them out below!
  • New items
    • Spaceships are the only way you'll get to Horas! It can only be crafted after getting a blueprint for it after defeating the Ancient Black Dragon in the underworld. You will also need some Spaceship Fuel made from Solid Oil! Tapping the spaceship with fuel will consume one of it to add one fuel bar. In total, you'll need five buckets of spaceship fuel!
    • Oxygen Backpacks are a must-have item before going to Horas. Since this new planet is low on air, you'll slowly run out of oxygen and will have lethal consequences if the oxygen runs out! These oxygen backpacks will help you travel Horas for a longer amount of time, but make sure to have multiple of them and keep checking frequently!
    • Oxy fruits are also an option if you don't currently have an oxygen backpack. They can give an oxygen supply for one minute, however it doesn't taste very good…
    • Oxygen Tanks are one of the materials required to craft Oxygen Backpacks, however it first needs to be filled with oxygen using an Oxygen Pump. It'll then be turned into a Full Oxygen Tank which can be used to craft Oxygen Backpacks.
    • Are floating islands too high up or do you want to get through obstacles easily? Craft a Hook Shot after getting and consuming its blueprint beforehand and travel much more faster with it!
    • The Horas Copper Drill is a drill better than every other one in the game, including the Diamond Drill! It mines blocks much faster and its special ability can destroy a whole straight line of blocks! The only drawback is that sadly you won't get any Stars or EXP when using the special ability…
    • After unlocking its blueprint and being crafted, Signal Generators and Signal Receivers can be very useful! Signal generators can be tapped or right-clicked to switch between 8 channels, and tapped or right-clicked with a Wrench to change its color (which adds 8 more channels!). When a lithium signal reaches a signal generator, it'll send another (wireless) signal to any matching signal receivers within 32x32x32 blocks of the generator. There are a total of 48 channels that can be assigned to a signal generator or a signal receiver, with 6 colors to choose from and 8 channels in each. Revolutionary!
  • New features
    • In the DIY skin editing page, you can now customize the color of your clothes and hair! So many more possibilities!
    • A confirmation pop-up has been added when you decide to respawn in a Survival map without using stars (not applicable in Extreme mode)
  • Bug fixes
    • Fixed the problem of sliding when standing on the edge of a block
    • Fixed an issue that could cause the game to crash when scrolling through the friend interface while in a room
    • Fixed a bug where the player's skin didn't update after switching DIY parts while in a map
    • Fixed an issue where players with DIY skins' model sizes would remain unchanged after the size-changing status effects ended
    • Fixed a bug that could cause the player's model in the backpack to disappear when wearing a DIY skin after switching avatar parts
      • Fixed a related issue where the player's model in the backpack would become outdated after switching to a DIY skin in a map
    • Fixed a problem that could cause maps to disappear after leaving the Newbie Tutorial map

v0.26.7 – Make Your Own Skin!

  • Released on 23rd June 2018
  • New features
    • Have you ever wanted to make a skin that was your own? Have you thought that the already existing skins don't fit you that well, or just want to make it unique and eye-catching? We have added a new DIY skin function to dress up your custom character! Customize your character's hairstyle, face, clothes, shoes, and more! Want a football expert character? Go for it! Want to mix up various trends! Go for it too! Or do you just want a casual skin that fits you? You can also make that! If you want to, you can change the size of your character to make it larger or smaller than other players. Currently you aren't able to change the colors of your clothes, but this will be available very soon! Stay tuned!
  • Quality of Life and minor changes
    • To make it easier for players to find a nearby Soccer ball quickly, left-clicking or tapping the ball-steal button while using a Soccer Shirt will display an arrow guiding you to the nearest soccer ball. Very convenient!
    • Now you'll automatically steal someone else's soccer ball when you collide with another person carrying it, which makes the process easier. Therefore, when you get the ball, you will need to be quick and make an awesome counterattack before someone snatches it from you!
    • Your movement speed is now increased when holding a soccer shirt, which will make it easier to catch up with the ball.
      • Dribbling players will have their movement speeds reduced!
    • Previously, you used to see players holding their soccer shirt in their hands when playing soccer, which was kind of silly. This will no longer happen!
    • You can now get the soccer ball through any collision, even if it's on your back.
    • If someone is griefing your map by adding lots of soccer balls in it, you can now use a Physical-properties Eraser Firework to clean them up.
  • Bug fixes
    • Fixed a bug where the Soccer ball would be incorrectly positioned after tapping the ball-steal button or left-clicking
    • Fixed an issue where slide tackling would make you glide very far away when also jumping quickly
      • Fixed another related issue where slide tackling would not work properly in some multiplayer rooms
    • Fixed the problem of the ball not turning correctly when watching others dribbling the ball in a room
    • Fixed an issue where the ball would bounce in an unreasonable direction on the ground after being kicked out
    • Fixed another issue where kicked soccer balls would not rotate
    • Fixed a bug where Common or Soccer Trigger Blocks would sometimes not trigger when a Soccer ball passed through them, or that they would not turn off correctly, even after nothing was currently colliding with it
    • Fixed a bug that would make soccer balls disappear when kicking into a goal and triggering a round reset after switching from Edit Mode to Play Mode.
    • Fixed the issue where the top interface that the room guests saw during the game's preparation phase was incorrect
    • Fixed a model bug that occurred after breeding two Icebears
    • Fixed an issue where clicking on roller coasters, wooden boats, and other vehicles would not allow them to be destroyed

v0.26.3 – Soccer Update

  • Released on 14th June 2018
  • New blocks
    • Trigger Blocks, Creature Trigger Blocks, and Soccer Trigger Blocks have been added. Common trigger blocks can detect any collision between any entity (like a player, creature, or other physical element), creature trigger blocks can only detect collisions by creatures, and soccer trigger blocks can only detect collisions by Soccer balls. More info about those below!
    • Preparation Blocks can be placed in a special zone to make guests wait before the game starts.
  • New items
    • As the 2018 World Cup is approaching, we have added the Soccer ball, which also demonstrates Mini World's new physics system! It can bounce, roll, has friction, and other physical properties. Go and play soccer with your friends in Mini World now! Scissors can break soccer balls if you no longer need them.
    • Of course, Soccer Shirts have also been added! When holding the shirt in your hand, you'll enter the soccer operation mode:
      • If you currently don't have a soccer ball, left-clicking will steal the ball from a nearby player, and right-clicking will make you slide tackle across anything (You could even use this ability in parkour maps, use your imagination!).
      • If you have the soccer ball, holding left-click will charge your shot, then release to shoot the ball. Holding right-click will also charge your shot, but releasing it will attempt to pass the ball to a teammate!
    • When scoring a goal, you'll need to make the spectators cheer! That's why we added Ribbon Fireworks (which can be placed in a Launcher triggered by a Soccer Trigger Block), that explode in a very colorful way!
  • New features
    • We have added a built-in translator to the game to eliminate language barriers and understand each other easily! Just tap and hold a string of text and see if you can translate it. Friend messages, scrolls, chat messages, and map descriptions are able to use this feature.
    • We have optimized the search mechanism for popular maps and recommended maps in multiplayer, and you can now see more rooms!
    • A small indicator for rooms that are still in preparation has been added
    • We have also added a “View Map” button when viewing a room's details which will show the map being hosted
    • In the Gallery, you can now find a multiplayer button which lets you join an existing room made on that map!
    • Save yourself some time by clicking just one time when joining recommended or featured maps which are being hosted!
    • Using a Wrench on a Launcher will toggle it to a new casting mode, which will turn the launcher red. When a lithium signal reaches a casting mode Launcher, all items thrown from it will always be just items, regardless of whether they are projectiles or not. You can now trick your friends into thinking you're gonna shoot arrows at them!
    • In the Terrain Editor, you can now manipulate the spawning of trees! Imagine that a simple grassland biome can now include peach trees, cactuses, and poplar trees all mixed together!

v0.25.9 – Children's Day

  • Released on 23rd May 2018
  • New languages added
    • Indonesian
  • Self-luminiscent blocks are now available. This includes blocks such as all light blocks (obviously), music blocks, and some other ones that don't apply to neither. Now they look better at nighttime!
  • Custom blocks and creatures can now be added to the Terrain Editor. Add your dream monsters or animals to the biomes you like, and make new ores or materials! (The Terrain Editor and custom plugins can also be used in an Advanced Survival mode map)
  • Connoisseurs can now be followed in the gallery, and they can also delete their comments if they change their mind about the recommendation of a map.
  • New translation and UI adjustments to make descriptions and texts more clear
  • An anti-cheat has been added to prevent players from using cheats in Mini World. If the game detects a commonly used cheat, the game will freeze and automatically close in 10 seconds.
  • New skin: Mini-T
  • Quality of Life and minor changes
    • Readjusted the shooting interval of Sniper Rifles
    • Added manual (default), semi-automatic (non-burst), and fully-automatic (burst) settings to weapon item plugins. Each shooting mode will change how the weapon is held and will also change the weapon's sound effects
    • The item skill settings interface has been redesigned to make it easier to use
    • When adjusting knockback distances, they can now be set to negative values which will knock the players forward instead of backwards.
  • Bug fixes
    • Fixed an iOS problem that didn't detect the device's language upon game first launch, which is used to set the game's default language
    • Optimized the room host's mount spawning and firework explosions to prevent lag for the room guests
    • Unified oval- and cube-shaped leaf collisions to prevent unfair mechanics
    • Fixed issues related to Judges
      • Fixed a bug where the room host could no longer be able to manage other guests' teams after setting themselves to be a Judge
      • Fixed a glitch that could cause the Judge to teleport and get stuck
    • Fixed the icon for Ice and the models for Bunny Beauty, Waitress Sweety, Sulfur Archers, Boarmen, and Penguins
    • Fixed a bug that would make player animations keep playing, even after death.
    • Launchers used to throw projectiles directly as their dropped forms and not as if it was thrown by a player. This is fixed now.

v0.25.6 – Mini-X's Arrival

  • Released on 27th April 2018
  • A new player role has been added - Connoisseurs. Connoisseurs can review the latest maps and recommend the best ones in the Gallery by submitting a positive comment and adding feedback. If a connoisseur recommends your map, you can be considered lucky!
  • A terrain editor to customize your map's terrain before creating it is now available! The landform, animal, plant, and ore spawnrates are now all customizable.
  • When creating an item plugin, you can now create a special skill with it! For example, you can generate a wall of blocks using a custom item or summon a companion to attack your enemies.
  • In the in-game room settings, before the map is started, you can now switch your or other players' teams and assign yourself or another player to be a Judge. Judges can only spectate the current room.
  • The PC shaders added in version 0.20.8 are now available for mobile devices. Just make sure it doesn't get cooked.
  • New skin: Mini-X
  • Quality of Life and minor changes
    • Rewarded items that can't fit in your Pack will now be sent through email to claim them later. You won't miss anything now!
    • Better friend invitations: room invites sent by your friends will now display as a quick pop-up at the top of screen when you're on the main menu. You can toggle this pop-up's appearance in the game settings.
    • Setting your field of vision distance to an extremely high value in the game settings on a mobile device will remind the player to only use high render distances for screenshots
  • Bug fixes
    • Fixed a bug that prevented the player from saving custom block plugins

v0.24.4 – More Languages, More Fun

  • Released on 19th March 2018
  • New languages added
    • Turkish
    • Russian
    • German
    • Vietnamese
    • Italian
    • Korean
  • New skins
  • New functions
    • After dying and losing the ability to respawn, players are now able to spectate the rest of the game if the map's creator toggles the spectating feature on. Just don't tell the locations of your teammates to your enemies, shhh!
    • Now you can add custom smelting recipes using plugins, go wild with it! Want to cook potatoes to get guns? It's possible now!
  • New multiplayer layout to be able to easily see the most trending maps, your favorite maps, and public official servers
  • The “My subscriptions” tab from the gallery has been redesigned to be easier to use
  • You can now link your Mini World account using Facebook and log into it with that method!
  • Minor changes
    • As the Panda is China's endangered treasure, we should protect all of them. Because of this, Pandas are now invincible and won't stare at you anymore, even after being tamed.
    • Fireflies will no longer disappear during sunlight. Maybe they wanted to compete with the Sun as it is the largest source of light during the day, hehe
    • The game will now remember the most recent friend's gardens that you have visited in the Fruit Garden.
    • The weekly sign-in event's rewards have been updated
  • Bug fixes
    • Fixed an issue where Stinger Darts would keep decelerating even after being thrown with maximum force.
    • Bamboo Shoots can now be destroyed
    • Bamboo leaves can now start disappearing after the Bamboo holding it was chopped
    • Roller Coaster Engines/Carriages will no longer get flinged away when landing on a Rail Node, haha
    • Character skills used to not take effect immediately when switching to a different character. This is fixed now.
    • Fixed another issue that would void the player's current character skill after changing skins
    • Music-related blocks used to require an amount of 0 Earth Core Cornerstones that was visible on its Toolbox crafting recipe, which made it impossible to craft. This is fixed now.
    • Fixed a bug that wouldn't let the player load more comments when looking at the comments of a map on the Singleplayer menu
    • Fixed a bug where the chat text bar in a room would be folded up to a very small size and could not be seen.
    • Projectiles using the Sky Rocket model would incorrectly turn black when thrown. This has been fixed.
    • If the limited lives rule was enabled, and there were only two players left in a room, one of them could leave and the remaining person would not win. This has also been fixed.
    • Fixed a bug where the player's items would not drop after respawning, even if the map had explicitly chosen to drop their items after a respawn.
    • Fixed a bug that prevented map creators from disabling a map's Ouch storm after enabling it
    • Playing a map with the shared lives option turned on will no longer kick the player if they were playing it in singleplayer
    • If a player started up the game and directly went to open a room without checking their friend list first, all friends would appear as offline regardless of whether they actually were offline or not. This is fixed now.
    • Peach Totem landmarks will no longer be visible on the minimap if you enter the underworld.

v0.23.6 – Cute Animals and Bamboo

  • Released on 31st January 2018
  • Two new biome subtypes have been added to the Basin biome: Bamboo forests and peach forests.
    • Pandas are new animals that spawn in these biome subtypes. They can be tamed using Bamboo and they'll follow you once tamed. Feeding Bamboo to an already tamed panda will drop a piece of Hollow Bamboo after the panda eats it.
    • Fireflies have been added to the game as an environment addition to light up the world at night.
    • Bees have also been added to these biome subtypes. They work hard for honey and stay close to their honeycomb unless they are provoked by a player. Bees can poison you and enlarge your head after attacking you, so watch out! After a bee dies, you can get their Stinger, which can be used as a core material for the new poisonous weapons.
    • Nians are hostile creatures that spawned during the 2018 Spring Festival event that can be scared off using Spring Festival Fireworks. When a Nian is in its scared state, you can tame it with Fu Balls! Just don't let the Nian hit you, or you'll be turned into a defenseless Chicken…
    • Spring Festival Merchants are NPCs that spawned during the 2018 Spring Festival event and offer various Chinese-related tools and decorations for your map just at the cost of some stars!
  • New blocks
    • The Throwing Device can launch any blocks, items, or creatures just by activating it with a lithium signal!
    • Full and Empty Honeycombs are the home of all Bees. You can extract a full honeycomb's honey with a Small Glass Bottle, but the bees may get angry at you!
    • Bamboo Transducers are a new type of transducer that will only activate when creatures step on them. Neither players nor items will be able to activate them.
    • Peach Totems are a great way to mark any type of location on the minimap. Up to 10 Peach Totem landmarks can be displayed on the minimap.
    • Bamboo is the favorite food of all Pandas! Growing a fresh bamboo tree requires a Bamboo Shoot.
    • Spike Traps are new toggleable traps that can deal damage to your foes! Activate them by sending a lithium signal to it, either with a lever, a button, or any other way.
  • New items
    • Blowguns are poisonous weapons made with Hollow Bamboo and uses Stinger Darts as ammo. When you shoot a dart to an enemy, their head will be enlarged and they will be poisoned for a few seconds!
    • Jetpacks and Sky Rockets are able to make you fly! Let's go and see the stars up close now!
    • Rice is a new type of plant found in lakes near bamboo or peach forests. Rice can be cooked into Raw Rice and furthermore into edible Cooked Rice.
    • Destroying a full honeycomb will get you some Honeycomb Shards, which can be further used to make Honey Cake! So tasty!
    • Spring Festival Fireworks can be bought from Spring Festival Merchants during the 2018 Spring Festival event that are used to scare off Nians and have a chance to tame them. If you're a little bit mischievous, you can also throw it to other players to deal some damage to them!
  • New map function: Ouch storms, or pain hurricanes! After setting it up in an individual map, a toxic gas will slowly creep closer and closer to the middle and you will have to defeat other enemies and survive to win the match. Remember, don't get close to it or your health will start to decrease!
  • New advanced Survival mode, that was made to play Survival your own way! It's the same as a regular old Survival mode map, except with the ability to create plugins that can customize the experience and add fun things to your world.
  • Quality of Life and minor changes
    • The process of inviting people to a room has been made simpler
    • More body actions and animations added for Wandering Merchants
    • New Mall layout
    • A new toggleable option has been added to ask new devices logging into an account with a bound email to input the account's email and type the code sent in the inbox
    • Defeating enemies will broadcast the kill into the chat and play a global sound in-game, and they are different in every kill. Streaks have also been added, which reset after respawning:
      • Streak sound effects
        • 1 kill plays the “KILL!” sound effect
        • 2 kills plays the “DOUBLE KILL!” sound effect
        • 3 kills plays the “TRIPLE KILL!” sound effect
        • 4 kills plays the “QUADRA KILL!” sound effect
        • 5 kills plays the “PENTAKILL!” sound effect
        • 6+ kills plays the “LEGENDARY!” sound effect
    • For better communication with your friends, new messages from your friends will pop up first
    • The spawn point icon in the minimap has been changed to be more distinct from the Peach Totem home icon
    • Three keybinds have been added to PC controls:
      • Pressing ; (on an American keyboard) will pop out the mouse cursor to be able to click on UI elements or do something else
      • Pressing F1 will open up the list of the default PC controls
      • Pressing Tab will display the scoreboard
    • The North direction in the minimap is now rotateable and the viewing area is fixed. This can be changed in the game settings.
    • You can now select a texture pack for an individual map
  • Bug fixes
    • Snowballs used to incorrectly be shown as a wooden ball when thrown. This has been fixed.
    • The possible rewards for an individual fruit are now visible in the Fruit Garden.
    • Breaking any of the three unlockable billboards that were placed sideways with either one's bare hands or a Precise collection tool will now give the intended drop.
    • The “Savages are Coming” plug-in package used to not take effect when applied to a map. This has been fixed, and now it's possible to make rooms with up to 40 people.

v0.22.3 (v0.22.2 for iOS) – Let’s Go! The Roller Coaster!

  • Released on 22nd December 2017
  • Minecarts have evolved: now they are Roller Coaster Engines and Roller Coaster Carriages.
  • Rails have also evolved: now they are Rail Nodes and Kinetic Energy Boost Nodes. Placing two rail nodes consecutively will link them and automatically generate a railroad that engines and carriages can step on. Kinetic Energy Boost Nodes are the same as rail nodes except they're much faster.
  • Items can now be edited in plugins beyond names and descriptions. Now other attributes and the appearance of the item can be customized.
  • A new underground portal has been added to replace the previous one, which is red and lava-like. Its drawback is that breaking this new portal will give less items than before.
  • New map types have been added: Water and Canvas. The Water map type only has an almost-infinite pool of water for any basic underwater maps, and Canvas replaces the grass in the default map type with cement blocks, allowing players to get creative and use paint guns or eggs to add some personality to their map.
  • Water wells in deserts have been redesigned, and now have secret chests at the bottom.
  • The game will now remember the correct code for password-locked rooms after being input only once to prevent inconveniences, but will be forgotten if the game is restarted or if the room is re-hosted.
  • For security reasons, the game will now ask you to bind an email address to your account after setting up a password for it, as passwords can now be reset using a bound email since version 0.21.10.

v0.21.10 – Christmas 2017

  • Released on 30th November 2017
  • You can now edit the movement characteristics of creatures using plugins! Sheep that can climb ceilings?! Cows that can mine blocks?! Pigs can now fly?!?!
    • These things you never dare to think about will be realized in the new version, in order to satisfy everyone's wild ideas as much as possible. By using plugins in this new version, you can use the creature editing section to give your custom animals and monsters various unimaginable characteristics! A more detailed biological editing section has been added along with it, to allow you to create your own Mini World as you wish.
  • In order to beautify the environment of user comments under a player's map, we have launched the function for players to delete their own map comments and supportive comments will be prioritized. Additionally, you can now like or dislike comments!
  • Do you often forget your password whenever you log into your account on a new device? The newly launched password retrieval function will solve this problem. You just need to have a bound email address, so we can verify it's you.
  • Not everyone in this world has good intentions, such as those who pretend to be Mini-Captains and defraud players of their money. Our Mini-Captains will not require you to transfer money, send your password to them or any other sensitive info in any way! We will also put these safety reminders in some game interfaces that require text input.
    • “A cute and naughty deer that lives in the Happy Christmas Valley.”
  • Quality of Life and minor changes
    • Winning a battle always makes you feel happy. Wouldn't a celebration at the end make your joy even more intense? Therefore, we have optimized the ending special effects.
    • The Treasure Hunter badge can now be upgraded by opening dungeon chests

v0.21.3 (v0.21.2 for iOS) – Extra-large Rooms, Extra-large Amusement!

  • Released on 3rd November 2017
  • Added 40-player room support
    • When you saw the words “Added 40-player room support”, did that alone leave you speechless? The new support for rooms with 40 players is a bold breakthrough in our multiplayer game mode! Invite ALL of your friends, foes, family, or just EVERYONE to play with you and let them have experiences that couldn't have been possible before. 40-player snowball wars, 40-player parkours, 40-player creation mode rooms, 40-player adventures… Just make your own maps and innovate the Mini World with them!
      • Note: Only PC players are able to create 40-player rooms, but everyone else (including mobile devices) can still play and join these new types of rooms.
  • New items
    • In the creation mode, you can use the new Custom View item to re-adjust the character's perspective. Choose the distance from the player, a side, top, or back perspective, and change other settings. Try to make new types of maps with this! Maybe a platformer, or maybe an RPG map? Or after a tiring day, just change your perspective and take screenshots to commemorate the wonderful scenery along the Mini World.
    • If you think billboards are too obvious for other players, just write on a Scroll and pass it to another player privately! You can also just use these new scrolls to leave unimportant notes around.
  • New plants
    • An unknown adventurer discovered a new plant in an insolated swamp, the Lotus, and brought it to spread it on top of the lilypads, adding a fresh and refined elegance to all swamps.
  • New skin: Lilith
    • Includes an exclusive frame when purchased!
  • An avatar frame feature has been added to make your profile picture look more beautiful! The second and third ever avatar frames (the first one is the default frame) will be the Mr. Lonely frame, obtained by participating in the 11/11 Singles' Day event, and the Lilith (avatar frame) frame, obtained by purchasing its respective skin!
  • Quality of Life and minor changes
    • The map rules interface of the creation mode has been optimized. The originally long row of distracting options has been organized into smaller categories, and the interface has been revised to make it easier to change the map's settings.
    • Try to join a multiplayer room hosting a fighting map. After the battle is over, you will see a new winning interface. I believe you will like it once you see it!
    • In order to facilitate the operation of guns, paint guns, and paint eggs, the clickable range for reloading/color adjusting has been increased, and a quick color picking function has been added to the mobile version: just click on the color prompt bar!
    • The “My Works” and “My Subscriptions” tabs have been added to the workshop to easily check the maps you've uploaded or your favorite map creators' latest updates on their maps
    • In addition to the enchantment effects added to Diamond Swords in the previous version, we have added corresponding enchantment effects to a series of weapons in this version!
    • Little Flying Squirrel mounts now only like Pinecones, so that's the only thing that'll heal them from now on
  • Bug fixes
    • Fixed the issue of being unable to respawn, even after spending Mini Coins, while playing in non-adventure maps
    • Fixed a bug that prevented leaves from falling, even without a wood trunk near them
    • Fixed a bug that would cause the room host to disconnect after a guest joins their room using the hotspot/LAN

v0.20.8 – Global release

  • Released on 11th October 2017
  • Block updates
    • Two new styles of bookcases have been added
  • New blocks
  • New enchantment effects on Diamond Swords
  • New basic toggleable shaders have been added for PC: better shadows and water reflections
  • Players can now switch between cube- and oval-shaped leaves in the game settings
  • Survival rooms now default to peace mode, which prevents guests from hitting each other. This setting can be disabled by the room host.
  • Sheep can now be dyed, however shearing it will still yield white wool because of its poor adhesion.
  • Bug fixes
    • In previous versions, Chaos and Life crystals could not be synthesized. This has been fixed.
  • 4 new BGMs have been added to the game for use in maps
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