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First-aid Pack

The First-aid Pack First-aid Pack is an item that can heal the player and Boarman Companions.


A healing combo of herbs and first aid bandages that can heal wounded Boarman Companions.
Injured Boarman Companions will gradually weaken. If not treated in time, they might encounter irreversible consequences.
Use it on yourself to recover 30 HP.


Upon first spawn

After starting a Survival Mode world, the player gets 3 First-aid Packs upon spawning.

From crafting

A First-aid Pack can be created using the following items:

  • Campanula ×1
  • Cotton Block ×1


When used by the player, they will get 30 extra health. A first-aid pack can be used on a Boarman Companion to restore health.


  • The First-aid Pack does not make eating sounds upon being used, despite being classified as an “edible” item.
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