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Fruit Garden

The fruit garden is a game mechanic in Mini World that revolves around the garden plant and fruits that can be harvested for items. It can be accessed by clicking the Fruit button on the player's own profile page or by interacting with the garden plant in the Home Garden.

General information

The player can activate and harvest fruits from the fruit garden to get items and plant EXP. Plant EXP is used to level up the garden plant and as it levels up, the player gets Mini Beans and also gains access to certain features. The player can also visit their friends' gardens to water their garden plants and get Mini Beans and EXP. The player's own plant may get thirsty and will display water icons around it. The amount of water icons can impact the plant's fruit ripening speed:

Water icons Status description Fruit ripening speed
None The plant grows well Fruits will grow at normal speed.
1-2 The plant is thirsty Fruits will grow 30% slower than usual.
3 The plant is wilting Fruits will grow 100% slower than usual.

These water icons can be removed by clicking on them, making the plant feel well and its fruits will be able to mature faster.

Players can also choose to skip a fruit's ripening process and open it immediately using Mini Beans or speed the process up by one hour by watching an ad (if the player is using a mobile device). The cost of the former option depends on how much time is left for the fruit to fully mature.

Fruit types

Fruits come in three types: small, large, and gold.

  • Small fruits are the most common type of fruits and normally take 4 hours to mature. Each small fruit gives the player two random drops when harvested.
  • Large fruits can rarely appear instead of small ones and normally take 9 hours to mature. Each large fruit gives the player three random drops which are better than small fruits when harvested.
  • Gold fruits can rarely appear instead of small and large ones, and normally take 35 hours to mature. Each gold fruit gives the player four random drops which are much better than small and large fruits when harvested. The player can also purchase one for 288 Mini Beans or ten for 2880 Mini Beans.

Friends' gardens

A player can visit any garden from any user that is in their friend list by clicking the left-facing arrow on the left side of the screen. All players from their friend list will show up (if any) and they can be clicked to visit their gardens. If a friend's garden is thirsty or has bugs in it, a water icon will pop up beside their slot on the list. If they enter such gardens, they'll be able to feed their plant water and/or get rid of the bugs, earning Mini Beans and EXP for their own plant for doing it. The friend when checking their plant again will be able to see a list of who helped them, by clicking the “!” button just below the Close button.

Level-up requirements and rewards

Plant EXP is normally obtained via harvesting fruits and watering friends' garden plants. When enough plant EXP has been obtained, the plant can level up. For each level-up of the garden plant, the player gets Mini Beans and 1 extra personal map slot. The amount of Mini Beans which are given on level-up depends on the plant level.

The player will automatically get 200 Mini Beans when they “adopt” the garden plant for the first time.

Level EXP required for next level Mini Beans obtained
1 50 200
2 100 70
3 300 100
4 550 140
5 1400 180
6 2100 260
7 2800 350
8 3500 460
9 4200 570
10 13500 690
11 900

A fruit slot is also added when the player reaches levels 5, 10 or 15 for a total of 4 fruit slots.

When the player's garden plant reaches level 10, a heart will appear on the middle of the plant. The player needs to get at least 1500 “energy” via harvesting fruits to get the Fine Bird mount. The player gets 1 “energy” point for harvesting a small fruit, 5 for a large fruit, and 12 for a golden fruit.

Traveling Merchant

When the player visits their garden, a Traveling Merchant may sometimes appear. In his store, four items are sold, and some items can be marked as “discounted”. Regular items are stocked with 10 copies, while discounted ones are usually stocked with more than 10 copies. They will disappear after 60 minutes of standing in a player's garden.

When a copy of a regular item is bought, the price of the item increases by 25%, rounded up to the nearest integer and stacks multiplicatively with how many times the item has been bought. Discounted items aren't subject to this price increase.

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