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The pack is a player's storage space to store items outside of the game. It can be accessed by pressing the Pack button in the shop menu or in the garden UI.

Pack items

Items stored in the Pack are divided into three types: function items, shards, and extractables.

  • Function items are items that can be used right away and will often give the player items when used. Examples of function items are skin trials or frame trials.
  • Shards are essential items to unlock skins, mounts or other unlockables and can be recycled for Mini Beans and plant EXP. The “Recycle all” button can recycle all the shards of items that have already been unlocked, however, some unlocked items' shards may not appear.
  • Extractables are items that can be transferred to the player's backpack in a map for use. Only one copy of an extractable item can be transferred at a time.


  • The pack is sometimes called “inventory”, “warehouse” and “backpack” in game.
  • When recycling mount shards, the player will get an additional confirmation prompt, but shards of any mount other than Kylin, Magic Laosaurus, Agile Flying Squirrel, or Fine Bird will not cause the confirmation to appear.
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