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Texture Packs

Texture packs are unlockables in-game that can change the appearance of the blocks in a map. There are currently three texture packs available.

List of texture packs

Name Description Cost
Default This texture pack is used by default on new maps and as a fallback when a map uses a texture pack that the player hasn't unlocked. Free (available on start)
Cartoon-Styled The appearance of blocks is simplified. 61 Mini Beans 1 Mini Bean
Realistic Increases the detail of blocks and makes them much more realistic. 99 Mini Coins 1 Mini Bean


  • In the past, if the player had a poor internet connection or none at all, maps that used any texture packs other than the default one would be loaded using the default texture pack, even if the texture pack used by the map had already been unlocked by the player.
  • The Cartoon-Styled and Realistic texture packs' costs have been discounted from 61 Mini Beans and 99 Mini Coins (respectively) to 1 Mini Bean on both.

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