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Amber Block


Block ID 409
Blast Resistance 160
Hardness 22
Flammable No
Collision Solid
Tools required for collection Brass Pickaxe or better
Drops Amber Block
Stackable Yes (64)
Light Intensity No
Sliding accel 1
Broken by projectile No
Craftable Yes Rep: 10×Amber

Item Source and Obtaining

From structure

Quetzalcoatl Temple Yes 100%

Quetzalcoatl Temple is the only structures you can found Amber Block and also Amber ore. Every Quetzalcoatl Temple can found these

From creature drop's

  • There is no creature that drop this block

From loot chest

  • This item cannot found in chest

From Pot

Black Dragon of Lava's treasure pot chance: 100% amount: 1

Other Uses

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