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Festival Book


The Festival Book is an amazing mount possessing many fun and exciting features and abilities. It has an useful design, providing the player with the ability to ride it with a friend and to teleport certain distances forward. There are many ways to use this creative mount, and possibilities are endless. Enjoy your time with this celebratory mount!


  • Health: 160
  • Speed: 600
  • Jump Power: 60


  • The Festival Book is one of the mounts obtainable through the Mount Drawer. After buying Event Tickets, there's a chance that you'll be able to obtain enough Festival Book shards to unlock it, along with other miscellaneous rewards.


  • Pray: Little stars surround you.
  • Surprise: Allows the mount to teleport a certain distance forward.
  • Two-Player Mount: Allows the player to ride the mount with another player other than themselves.
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