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An enhanced sword-like weapon. Charge it to perform a slashing attack that damages nearby creatures.


(as in item description)
Melee Damage: +35


The Dagger is an intermediate melee weapon in Mini World: CREATA. It's made of three Mithril ingots and two pieces of Timber. This sword takes 0.5 seconds to attack after tapping or left-clicking. Shortly after attacking, the player has 0.5 seconds to attack again, which will trigger a different swinging animation and deal damage depending on the order:

  1. The first attack swings the dagger diagonally from top to bottom. It deals 33 melee damage.
  2. The second animation raises it back, from bottom to top. It also deals 33 melee damage.
  3. The third and final animation swings the dagger diagonally from top to bottom, and deals 40 melee damage.

Any further attacks within this time frame will cycle between these three animations in order. Otherwise, it'll reset back to its first animation.

The Dagger's skill takes 0.9 seconds to charge up, and will deal 40 melee damage to all creatures in front of the player after being unleashed. It will then enter a 5-second cooldown.

Daggers have 300 durability, which is consumed for each hit dealt with the sword or each skill unleashed with it. The player can either use a Mithril ingot on a crafting table to restore 60 of its durability, or use 3 Stars to repair it to its full durability.

Dual wield


Find this item in the Basic > Battle or Equipment > Sword categories in a Crafting Table or an Incomplete Crafting Table and craft it using these materials:
Mithril (3)
Timber (2)

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