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Flamas is the second dimension of Mini World: CREATA, added on the game's release. The player can travel to this dimension through a Teleporter Lvl 2.


Flamas is a dangerous, barren, and hellish environment made of Sulfur Rock, and is full of fire hazards and dangerous creatures, while having various crucial ores and treasures.

This dimension is composed in three parts:

  • Upper ground: The top parts of Flamas. These used to be inaccessible because there was a Flamas Ultra Stone roof blocking players' paths. However, as of the invasion of the Void Phantom in 0.54.1, this roof no longer exists. All ores found on Flamas (except Flamo Ores) can also be found up here, and most Flamas creatures can spawn here as well. It's a large expanse of Sulfur Rock with many cliffs leading off into the middle section of Flamas.
  • Middle ground: This contains everything that can be found on Flamas, and is the main biome. There are opening to the surface and cliffs leading down into the lava ocean. Furthermore, this section can also have multiple layers, looking sort of like a giant cave. All Flamas ores and creatures can be found here, along with some lava.
  • Oceans: Flamas' oceans are simply made of lava instead of water, to match its hellish nature. Sulfur Crystal Sand can be found in these oceans, which are vital for defeating superior phases of this dimension's boss. Their locations are made obvious as they periodically erupt small amounts of lava. Small volcanoes near the oceans can be found, which are basically like the trees of Flamas, and are getting increasingly rarer. The Devilfall Mask can help a lot when traveling through these oceans! The Qilin and Sand Rider mounts can also help with traversing them. Furthermore, taming a Lava Crab is also useful for traveling across Flamas' lava oceans, albeit at a slow pace and the crab can only move left or right.

Painted Clay Jars and Simple Jars can be found in all these biomes (except the oceans).

Flamas, due to its incredibly large lava oceans and flaming creatures, is very hot, so bring various cooling items in order to traverse this hellish landscape without losing stamina insanely fast. Staying near anything that increases temperature here may set players on fire, leaving a great danger when going near lava oceans, as if falling in them wasn't already dangerous enough. It's recommended to bring a Fireproof Backpack, which can be crafted using Lava Crab Shells, dropped from Lava Crabs. Also, bring some temperature-decreasing food in case the backpack breaks, such as Fern Custards or Fruit Smoothies. Giant Scaly Fruit Juice is also a recommendation as it significantly decreases fire damage, which is very common here. Flamas has very useful ores and materials, which makes exploring it worth the risk!

The Ancient Black Dragon, a boss, can be found in this dimension. Simply follow the small BOSS icon in the minimap.

Ores and materials


Mica is a common ore that can be found on Flamas. This ore will give a small amount of EXP if mined without the Intact enchantment. It drops Mica, which is a mostly decorational sundry used for Mica blocks and a small amount of non-decorational purposes. One of its non-decortional purposes is for crafting a Wrench.


Flamo is commonly found here on Flamas. Its smelted forms generate naturally inside of treasure chests found in Miras structures. This ore has a variety of purposes, such as in the making of the Flamo Spring, or the making of the Flamo Cloak, and other tools and decorations.

Dawn Stone

Dawn Stone is a light-producing and unique ore only found on Flamas. When broken, it will drop Dawn Powder. Dawn Powder can be used to make a variety of light sources, and a Spirit Fox Whistle, which can be used to make all nearby tamed Spirit Foxes sit! Dawn Powder can also be reassembled back into Dawn Stone in any crafting table.


Celesthium Ores are uncommonly found along Flamas and used in a variety of storyline and recreational purposes. Celesthium can create tools such as a Tungsten Drill, a Chainsaw, or powerful Celesthium contraptions!

Sulfur Crystal Sand

Sulfur Crystal Sand is an ore with quite a bit of uses. It will launch players up when they stand on it, and will push players if the sand is facing sideways. It can be used to rapidly elevate player in water, sending them to the top in no time! It also has a special interaction with lava, where as it will not only launch players to the top, but set anything too close above the lava on fire! This goes through blocks and can be used for defense or other purposes. The special effect played when this happens can warn players about it.


Sulfur Archer

Main page: Sulfur Archer

Sulfur Archers are a common monster found on Flamas. Sulfur Archers were one of this dimension's initial unique monsters. They are very similar to Spear Goblins, however Sulfur Archers have more health (150 HP), and shoot arrows that set players on fire. When defeated, they will drop Kindlings, some Flammable Ice, and 21 EXP.

Lava Giant

Main page: Lava Giant

Lava Giants are powerful monsters residing on Flamas. Lava Giants were one of this dimension's initial unique monsters, along with Sulfur Archers. These powerful beasts have a lot of health (250 HP) and can defeat any player without armor in one attack. Even if the player has armor, it still deals a considerable amount of damage. However, they can only do melee attacks and have a small attack range, so take advantage of this by using bows and other ranged weapons. When defeated, they will drop Tar, and 21 EXP.

Lava Crab

Main page: Lava Crab

Lava Crabs are neutral creatures that can be found throughout Flamas, are occasionally found mining and breaking Sulfur Rock, and can only move sideways. Players that disturb them by hitting one Lava Crab will cause the nearby rest to group up and attack the players, dealing 15 physical damage at a time and setting them on fire. Lava Crabs can be tamed after being fed with Roast Gugufish, Roast Kikifish, or Roast Clownfish by a player and do not require a saddle for mounting or moving the crab. They can walk above lava, however they're slow, can still only move sideways, and have little jumping power. When a Lava Crab is defeated, it'll drop 1 EXP and have a chance to also drop a Lava Crab Shell.

Boom Egg

Main page: Boom Egg

Boom Eggs are dangerous monsters found in Flamas that can self-explode if players get near them. The urge to self-destruct will halt if the players run away from the Boom Egg, but they will still chase them. It's better than directly attacking the Boom Egg, as it has a chance to block attacks by covering itself. When a Boom Egg explodes, it will destroy weak blocks around the affected area, set most of it on fire, fling players nearby, and also summon various falling fire orbs, maximizing destruction. When defeating a Boom Egg, it is guaranteed to drop 4 Flammable Ice and 17 EXP. There's also a 1 in 7 chance of it also dropping 1 Universal Activation Stone.

Void Apostle

Main page: Void Apostle

Void Apostles are dangerous humanoid followers of the Void Phantom who live on Flamas and Miras. When alone, they'll only walk and float around the map while emiting a blue ghostly aura. They will automatically turn aggressive when a player walks near them, and have a 2.5% chance of holding a Jockey or Boom Egg. Defeating a Void Apostle will drop a Creation Crystal and 21 EXP.

Void Apostles can also appear while battling the second phase of the Void Phantom, which heal it by sacrificing themselves to the Phantom. They're supposed to be defeated to prevent healing it, so they only have 1 HP and cannot attack.

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