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Use it at the target location to spawn a Jockey. Active melee attacker with high Movement Speed. Defeat it to obtain EXP, Perilla and Sweetpotato.


Jockeys (or Jockey in singular form) are intriguing nocturnal Miras creatures that play a significant role in Mini World. As members of the Boarman Boarman and spear-goblin.jpg Spear Goblin tribe, they stand out as the primary adversaries within the game. Emerging under the cover of darkness or in dimly lit environments, these creatures possess distinctive characteristics that make encounters with them both fascinating and challenging.

Visually distinct, Jockeys resemble small, dark-skinned figures with striking red hair. Their faces remain obscured by a skull helmet, adding an air of mystique to their appearance. An eye-catching star-adorned necklace adorns their forms, providing a unique marker that sets them apart. Their agility is noteworthy, as they swiftly close distances to engage in melee attacks. With each successful hit, they can inflict a substantial fifteen points of damage upon their targets. Despite their offensive capabilities, Jockeys exhibit relative frailty, boasting a modest seventy-five health points. Their inquisitive nature prompts them to interact with their surroundings, toggling switches and buttons on and off, which adds an element of unpredictability to their behavior. Farmers and settlers must exercise caution when it comes to these curious creatures. Jockeys have a penchant for disrupting agricultural activities, particularly in their proximity. They are known to inadvertently damage crops such as Giant Scaly Fruits, Corn, Giant Burus, Cucumbers, and Sweetpotatoes. This can prove detrimental to farming efforts, requiring players to strategically guard their fields against these impulsive intruders.

One of their most notable traits is their constant wakefulness. Unlike their counterparts, the Boarmen and Spear Goblins, Jockeys remain alert day and night. This tireless nature further enhances the challenge they present.

Interestingly, Jockeys have a nocturnal routine that involves social interactions. When night falls, they gather with other members of their tribe, including Boarmen and Spear Goblins, around a Bonfire adorned with cooked food. This communal activity sees them indulging in the feast before eventually retiring for slumber.

However, there exists a unique way to transform Jockeys from adversaries to allies. The employment of a Wizard Mace offers a means to purify their souls, effectively restoring them to a state of normalcy. Under the influence of this magical weapon, these once-menacing creatures may transition into cooperative workers, a testament to the versatile gameplay mechanics within Mini World.

Should players manage to overcome these formidable foes, they stand to reap valuable rewards. Jockeys leave behind precious resources upon defeat, including Perillas, a vital ingredient in the culinary realm of the game. Additionally, Sweetpotatoes, which hold various uses including consumption, planting, and culinary applications, can also be collected from their remains.


  • Creature Type: Monsters
  • HP: 75
  • Attack Type: Melee
  • View Field: 16 Blocks
  • Movement Speed: 250 (Slow)
  • Drop Star EXP: 21

Special Behavior


  • Although many people say Jockeys are girls, they currently have no confirmed gender.
  • A Jockey's soul can be purified with a Wizard Mace after dancing on a Bonfire and eating the food on it at night, along with spear-goblin.jpg Spear Goblins and Boarman Boarmen. If a player is seen during this process, they'll notice them and attack them.
  • Jockeys don't sleep, unlike Boarmen or Spear Goblins.
  • They used to be the weakest monsters until Rune Monsters were added to the game.
  • Boarmen, Spear Goblins, and Jockeys are the only mobs to show nocturnal tendencies.
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