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Spear Goblin

Use it on target location to spawn a Spear Goblin. It will make ranged attack and moves slowly. Defeat it to obtain EXP, Pebble and Silk Thread.


Spear Goblins are a captivating nocturnal presence that holds a pivotal role within the realm of Mini World. As members of the Boarman Boarman and jockey.jpg Jockey tribes, they occupy a prominent place as the central antagonists of the game. Under the shroud of night or within dimly lit corners, these creatures introduce an engaging element of challenge and intrigue to the player's experience.

Easily identifiable by their distinct appearance, Spear Goblins take on the likeness of dark-skinned figures draped in tribal attire. A goblin mask conceals their visage, while their vibrant blue-green hair lends them a unique visual flair. This visual ensemble forms a remarkable representation of their tribal origins and adds a layer of cultural depth to their characterization.

A hallmark of their offensive prowess is the proficiency with which they hurl stone spears at their adversaries. Each well-aimed strike inflicts a considerable 15 points of damage, underscoring their status as formidable opponents. However, their resilience leaves something to be desired, as they possess a modest health pool of 60 points. Additionally, their movement exhibits a slight sluggishness, offering players an opportunity to strategize in encounters.

A notable behavior among Spear Goblins is their interaction with their environment. When encountering a nearby torch, these creatures seize the opportunity to ignite themselves, imbuing their spears with greater power. This fiery transformation results in spears that not only deal increased damage but also inflict burns upon players. This tactical adaptation adds an element of unpredictability to battles, requiring players to adjust their strategies on the fly.

Remarkably, the lives of Spear Goblins follow a diurnal rhythm. Upon sunrise at 6 a.m., these creatures, alongside their Boarman counterparts, retreat to a state of slumber, awakening only with the return of darkness. This cyclic behavior pattern contributes to the intricate dynamics of the game's ecosystem.

A curious and communal aspect of Spear Goblins' nature emerges during nighttime gatherings. In the presence of a Bonfire adorned with cooked food, Spear Goblins, along with Boarmen and Jockeys, engage in lively dance before partaking in the feast and eventually resting.

The realm of Mini World holds secrets that allow Spear Goblins to transcend their hostile inclinations. The use of a Wizard Mace offers a means to cleanse their souls, leading to a transformation from adversaries to cooperative workers. This remarkable transformation underscores the depth of gameplay mechanics present within the game.

Upon successful defeat, Spear Goblins yield valuable resources. Pebbles, which serve as ammunition for slingshots, and Silk Thread, a key material for crafting bows, can be collected from their remains. This system of rewards enriches the player's engagement with the game's challenges.


  • Creature Type: Monsters
  • HP: 60
  • Attack Type: Melee
  • View Field: 16 Blocks
  • Movement Speed: 200 (Slow)
  • Drop Star EXP: 13

Special Behavior

  • Will hunt scarecrows on sight
  • Sleeps at day, hunts at night (They will not sleep if they find a dark area near them)


  • A Spear Goblin's soul can be purified with a Wizard Mace after dancing on a Bonfire and eating the food on it at night, along with Boarman Boarmen and jockey.jpg Jockeys. If a player is seen during this process, they'll notice them and attack them.
  • The Spear Goblin's true identity is often remarked as a possessed wild man. The curse seems to be carried out by the masks worn by Spear Goblins and will disappear after being purified using the Wizard Mace.
  • Whenever the clock reaches 6 and the sun appears, they'll sleep. Whenever the clock reaches 20 and the sun is gone, they'll wake up. Although they can't be purified unless at night, they'll wake up and become hostile against players if someone interrupts their sleep, like attacking them or getting close to them at the sunset.
  • Spear Goblins, Boarmen, and Jockeys are the only mobs to show nocturnal tendencies.
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