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Temperature is a environmental modifier that was added in version 1.5.5 of Mini World: CREATA.

How this works

Temperature is represented by internal floating-point numbers which can be anywhere between -15 and +15. Temperature can affect players, creatures, blocks, items and weather.

The temperature meter on the player's HUD On the player's HUD, a temperature meter shows the temperature of both the player and the environment around them. The temperature meter is normally invisible and not shown to the player by default, and only becomes visible if either the temperature of the player or the environment is higher than +3 or lower than -3.

Environment temperature

Environment temperature is shown as a white arrow pointing at its current temperature on the player's temperature meter. It is a value that naturally changes based on multiple factors, which include the time of day, ecology, weather, etc. Players and creatures are affected by environment temperature.

Player temperature

The temperature of the player is shown as an orange pointer pointing at their current temperature on their temperature meter. The player temperature will slowly change to match the environment temperature if they differ from each other. Raising or lowering the player's body temperature outside the “neutral” zone causes their stamina consumption to increase, but they will be given a boost in damage resistance (if cold) or both digging speed and attack power (if hot). If the player temperature is too high or too low, the player will be set on fire or freeze, taking health away from them.

Player temperature thresholds

Temperature and position on temperature meter Effect
< -11
(3rd bar to the left)
Freezing (freezes the player, also sets player temperature to -3 when effect ends)
-11 to -7
(2nd bar to the left)
Frigid (further increases stamina consumption and damage resistance)
-7 to -3
(1st bar to the left)
Cold (increases stamina consumption and damage resistance)
-3 to +3
(middle bar)
None (no effect)
+3 to +7
(1st bar to the right)
Hot (increases stamina consumption, digging speed and attack power)
+7 to +11
(2nd bar to the right)
Searing (further increases stamina consumption, digging speed and attack power)
> +11
(3rd bar to the right)
Burning (sets the player on fire, also sets player temperature to +3 when effect ends)

How a player can change their temperature

  • Eating food items that increase or decrease a player's body temperature
    • Food items that increase player temperature: Roast Rabbit, Pan-fried Rabbit, Grilled Yak Meat, and some types of cooked food
    • Food items that decrease player temperature: Fruit Smoothie, Fern Custard
  • Being hit by projectiles that make the player lose or gain temperature
  • Being near heat-generating blocks
  • Being affected by status effects that make the player's temperature increase or decrease constantly
  • Wearing armor that increases their cold resistance stat


  • The game uses °C as the unit for temperature.
  • In Dev Mode, the player can toggle a setting that enables or disables temperature effects in the Weather submenu of the World Setting tab.
    • When this setting is set to Off, temperature will have no effect on players, blocks, or creatures.
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