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Void Apostle

Use it at the target location to spawn a Void Apostle.
Active melee attacker. It can fly.
Defeat it to obtain EXP and Creation Crystal.


In Mini World, the enigmatic beings known as Void Apostles, cast a haunting presence within the nocturnal realms of Miras. These shadowy creatures take flight under the cloak of night, their appearance and actions shrouded in an otherworldly mystique.

Void Apostles manifest as spectral entities, donning dark hoods that conceal a single, penetrating eye. As they soar through the night sky, they leave behind a ghostly blue aura, a haunting testament to their presence. Their ethereal forms glide silently, like phantoms in the night. However, it is their chilling ability to silently drain a player's stamina that truly sets them apart. When left unchecked, these creatures, ever watchful, can discreetly siphon the energy of an unsuspecting player. Should a player turn their gaze upon a Void Apostle, the creature will appear as if nothing untoward is happening, a silent observer of the night's events. But make no mistake, aggression lies beneath their hooded visage, and any attack launched against them will trigger a fierce and unforgiving response.

Upon vanquishing these enigmatic beings, players are rewarded with a precious treasure: the Creation Crystal. Infused with the power of creation, this crystalline artifact unlocks the full potential of a Incomplete Crafting Table when used, consuming 1 Creation Crystal per activation.

Yet, the story of Void Apostles unfolds even further. In the climactic battle against the formidable Void Phantom, these enigmatic beings play a pivotal role. During the second phase of this epic confrontation, Void Apostles can be observed as they endeavor to channel their power to the Void Phantom, granting it the ability to heal itself. However, these particular Void Apostles, found exclusively within the Void Phantom's realm, are notably weaker than their counterparts in the Miras night, bearing fewer health points.


  • Creature Type: Monsters
  • HP: 200
  • Attack Type: Melee
  • View Field: 16 Blocks
  • Movement Speed: 250 (Slow)
  • Drop Star EXP: 21

Special Behavior

  • There's a 2.5% chance that they may pick up a nearby Jockey or Boom Egg.
  • Can steal stamina from the player
  • Can fly


  • Void Apostles will sometimes stare and silently steal a player's stamina. They'll stop until they:
    • Hit them: They'll attack back.
    • Run away: They'll chase after them to steal their stamina again. If they run away far enough, then the Void Apostle will get lost and no longer chase the player.
  • Before update 0.54.1, the in-game loading screen tips once mentioned: “Don't look at the eyes of Earth Heart people. They may be infuriated
  • In The Dragon Rings the World, as seen in Chapter 46 (Girls are the cutest creatures in the world), there is a Void Apostle character named Ya Chong that can shapeshift.
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