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Boom Egg

Boom Egg


Boom Eggs are hostile monsters and will explode after about 2 seconds when approached. When defeating the Boom Egg, it is recommended to use a high-attack weapon such as a Sword to defeat it before it exploded, or use a bow to defeat it from a long distance.


Boom Eggs are hostile monsters, and as soon as they find a player, they approach and explode, damaging Mob within the explosion range and sending 12~18 Fiery Orbs in random directions.


  • Type of Attacks Explosion
  • HP 90
  • Attack Power 5–290 (The explosion damage of the Boom Egg depends on the distance from the Boom Egg)
  • Attack Range 8 (The Boom Egg explodes when a player is within three blocks of it, but its blast range is eight blocks.)
  • Field of view 16


  • Boom Egg spawns in the volcano biome and does not spawn in other biomes.

Drop Item


  • Level Exp 170
  • Star Exp 17


Fiery Orb

Boom Egg sends 12 to 18 Fiery Orbs in a random direction when it explodes, burning the area it hits. If there is a wooden structure around it, try not to let it explode. If it burns, it will take time to repair.

Explosion Damage

The damage from an explosion depends greatly on the distance from the explosive, the equipment, and whether there are blocks in between.

distance no Block and Equip no Equip no Block Blocks and Equip available
0 Block 290 5 69 2
1 Block2555615
2 Block2105−25502
3 Block1755−35392−6
4 Block1205−30292−9
5 Block855−20202−8


  • Stare at you: Will stare at players in an area of 8
  • Attracted by blocks: Like Powder Keg. Chance to approach: 2000.0%


  • ID 3109
  • Type Monsters
  • Team Nothing
  • ATK type Explosion
  • Size 1.0
  • Speed 200
  • Assault Mode Hostile
  • Attack Effects None


  • When Boom Egg explodes, placing it right in front of Boom Egg can reduce the damage considerably.
  • The Boom Egg will lose sight of the player if its line of sight to the player is blocked, and if it loses sight of the player, it will not explode even if it is on the verge of exploding.
  • Alongside the Spiderling, currently with 6 universe variants. boomegg_variants.jpg
    • As of stated by Gigi Bear, Ice boomeggs are edible.

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