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Void Phantom

Void Phantom Haste Mode

Haste Mode  

Void Phantom Power Mode

Power Mode  


Void Phantom, a menacing and elusive entity, emerges from the depths of the cosmic abyss. Its existence is marked by an eerie duality, characterized by two distinct phases, Haste and Power, each unveiling a unique facet of its enigmatic power.

In Haste mode, Void Phantom takes on a spectral form with ethereal wings, soaring through the air with the grace of a shadowy wraith. It charges toward its adversaries with blinding speed, leaving a trail of chaos in its wake. As it streaks through the battlefield, it delivers devastating melee strikes and unleashes fiery projectiles, scorching all in its path. This relentless assault deals immense damage but comes at a cost, as Void Phantom sacrifices its own defense, rendering itself vulnerable to counterattacks.

When its health wanes, Void Phantom transitions into Power mode, undergoing a dramatic transformation. It partially submerges itself into the very ground, shedding its wings to become an immovable and impenetrable force. In this state, it employs ranged attacks, firing volatile fireballs that strike with pinpoint accuracy. The enigmatic Void Apostles, its loyal minions, bolster its defenses and restore its health. When a Void Apostle draws near, Void Phantom consumes it, healing itself and gaining the power to unleash volcanic radiations. This cataclysmic attack engulfs the surroundings, including Void Phantom, dealing damage but also replenishing its health twice over.

Marking its enigmatic form is a triangular symbol, an emblem of unknown significance. The Triangular Gate, a coveted artifact, materializes upon Void Phantom's defeat. Possessing it bestows upon the wielder the extraordinary ability to teleport to any Star Station, offering access to uncharted reaches of the cosmos.

Void Phantom's existence is tied to a dark and ominous lore, as it is the catalyst behind the transformation of humans on Earth into savage beings, absorbing their powers and wielding them with malevolent intent. Encounters with Void Phantom are shrouded in uncertainty, as its appearance is influenced by the ever-changing cosmic seed, making it an unpredictable and formidable foe.

While confronting Void Phantom presents a formidable challenge, players armed with ranged weapons such as rifles or specialized energy weaponry stand the best chance. However, precision is paramount, as Void Phantom's elusive flight requires the use of jetpacks or other advanced tactics for melee combat. Notably, it possesses an immunity to fire-based attacks, requiring players to adapt their strategies to overcome this enigmatic adversary.

Void Phantom, a harbinger of cosmic chaos and mystery, awaits those daring enough to face its dual nature and unlock the secrets of the Triangular Gate.


  • Biome : Volcano

  • Place : Volcano Temple

Once you Found the Biomes Volcanos that has temple in it. You can summon the Void Phantom by placing all the requirements in the Atlar. After that the sky will turn into red.


  • HP = Unknown
  • Charge Damage = 40
  • ???


Haste Mode

  • Charges Attack: Void Phantom Will Dash towards Target Player and Causing Burn Damages Along the Path
  • Flying Impact: Void Phantom Will Fly Up and then Charging in middle Of Air then Dash towards Player Causing Burn Damages Along the Path

Power Mode

  • Falling Meteors: Void Phantom Makes Falling Meteors to All Players
  • Shield Recovery: Void Phantom recover it HP and Shield
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