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Grassy Soil Block

A block on the surface, can be quickly collected with shovels. Use Rakes to make it into Farmland. Use Shovels to make it a Pit.


Grassy Soil Block is a block found in the surface of Miras. It's a block found in most Miras biomes, and drops itself when broken. The grass in this block can have a different color depending on which biome it's placed on. To get this block, the player must interact with Soil while holding Plant Fibre in their hand. It can also be crafted using the crafting recipe below.


Soil (1)
Plant Fibre (1)


  • ID: 100
  • Type: Block
  • Blast resistance: 7
  • Hardness: 3.5
  • Sliding accel: 1
  • Burning Speed: 0
  • Odds of burning: 0
  • Collision: Solid
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