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Wild Man


Health: 250 (+50)
Behavior: Passive

Dispelling the Curse

Boarman, Spear Goblin, and Jockey are a part of the Wild Men Tribes. They have been cursed to wander at night or in dark places. Dispelling their curse turns them back into Wild Men and they can be assigned to do various tasks for the players.

To turn them into Wild Men, you have to place a bonfire, light it and put either Raw Chicken Leg, Raw Pork or Raw Steak on the bonfire. After that, any Boarman, Spear Goblin and Jockey which are at a range close enough to the Bonfire will dance for a while and then consume the cooked food lit up abve the campfire.

After that, they will go to sleep. They can be turned into Wild Men by using a Witchcraft Bone Hammer on them. If a Witchcraft Bone Hammer is used, they will do the transforming animation and any asleep monsters will be frightened and awaken from their sleep.

Setting Up a Village

After dispelling the curse, the Wild Men will walk around aimlessly until they are given Bread.

After they are given Bread, the Wild Men will be assigned a random name. These names were kept even if you switch languages, so you can have a Wild Man with a Vietnamese name and another with an English name.


For these new allies to start working, a Village Totem must be set down. An active Village Totem will have a yellow circle around it. If it is inactive, the Wild Men will not perform any chores.

Each Wild Man needs their own bed to sleep in. If they are hurt, a First-aid Pack can be administered to them to restore their health.

When Wild Men die, they will leave behind a pouch containing the items they had before perishing. It will also contain their trinket, which can be placed on a Stela.



To make a Boarman or Spear Goblin a Guardian, they need to have a weapon. Other equipment can also be given to them to give them sturdier defense.

Once equipped with a weapon, they will hunt monsters in the area around the Guardian Flag or Village Totem.


To make a Boarman into a Woodman, they need to have an Axe and a Shovel. They will only work in the area around a Woodman Flag.

Their job is to collect wood, destroy leaves, and plant saplings.


To make a Spear Goblin into a Farmer, they need to have a Hoe.

Their job is to harvest ripe crops, such as Wheat, Potato, and Carrot. They will replant too if given Wheat Seed, Potato, or Carrot.

They will only plant crops in the area around a Farmer Flag but they will harvest crops in the area around the Village Totem.


A Jockey is a Helper.

Their job is to craft tools for the other Wild Men.


Wild Men are the only creatures that don't die when their health is at 0. They die when their health go below -50 Once their

=The curses of the tribes seem to be carried out within their masks, this statement can be proved upon observing the fact that wild men loose their headgears once their devilish forms are perished.

= Earlier as we mentioned, each wild man has his own bed however what happens when the wild man who owned the bed expires? The symbol on the beds which earlier represented an icon which appears to the face of a wild man will turn into a skull, How scary!

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