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Upgrading Your Gear

This tutorial is the part 4 for newbies that don't know about the game and want to try its “Survival” game mode. You can learn to upgrade your gear and get weapons after reading this article.

In Mini World, upgrading your gear is crucial for your survival in the game, especially when the time to approach and fight the monsters is getting closer! Upgrading your gear adds a lot of defense, damage, efficiency, and special abilities, so let's do it now!

First upgrades

Getting new materials

Our boring stone tools won't be so useful at this point, and we will need stronger ones. Let's get Brass tools now!

Remember when we prepared our new mining set? This set will be useful, as Copper Ores can be broken with just a Stone Pickaxe! You can find those ores in caves, but they can also rarely appear on the surface.

Mining for fuel

Have you seen those blue crystals scattered in caves along with some glowing mushrooms? That's a Flammable Ice Ore spawn! Go mine as much as you need, since it will be used as fuel very soon. You can also bring the glowing mushrooms with you, as they can be crafted into a lantern with either Timber or Stones.

Craft a smelting table

We have the necessary materials now, so let's smelt the Copper Ores we had just mined! First, we need to craft a Smelting Table. This is the crafting recipe:

You probably know how to get Plant Fibre by now, but Soil is a bit trickier. Breaking a Grass Block doesn't give you Soil anymore; you need to dig a bit underground then break the actual soil blocks for them to drop.

After getting the materials for the Smelting Table, you can craft it either in your backpack or on an Incomplete Crafting Table. Place the smelting table on the ground and interact with it to open its interface. Now, place the Brass Ores in the Raw material slot and the Flammable Ice as Fuel. The ores should be smelting now, just wait a few minutes and remember to check back once it's all smelted. After all of the ores are smelted, just tap on the resulting Brass ingots and they'll be transferred to your backpack.

Craft the brass set!

If you've got some Timber with you, you can now craft Brass tools! We recommend you craft these tools:

If you also have some spare Soft Leather, you can craft brass armor (Click the Equipment tab in your crafting table to see the armor recipes in-game):

Upgrade again

We have already upgraded from Stone to Brass, but it's not enough yet. In the next Newbie Tutorial, we'll start to use enchantments, so we need to upgrade again: from Brass to Mithril!


Mithril tools are stronger than Brass ones, and are capable of being enchanted (we'll explain it on the next chapter). Let's look at what we need to know about Mithril:

  1. Mithril Ores can only be mined with a Brass Pickaxe or better ones.
  2. It's found slightly deeper underground in caves, so you'll need to go deeper to find Mithril ores.
  3. Like the Brass Ore, the ore drops itself so you'll need to smelt it in a smelting table.

A player facing 3 Mithril ores. The blue ore will be one of the topics in the next chapter.

That's all we need to know for now, so let's go back to the mines! This is our mining checklist:

  • Mithril Ores (to upgrade our tools and armor)
  • Flammable Ice (fuel for the smelting table)
  • Brass (we'll upgrade our furnace to smelt more ores at the same time, which will make the smelting process faster)

Upgrade the smelting table

After coming back from mining, we should upgrade our smelting table now. On your crafting table, use 6 of your Brass ingots to make a new Copper Smelting Table. Like with the previous Smelting Table, tap on the ground to place the smelting table. After opening the smelting table's interface, you'll see 2 slots for each component, which allows for multiple fuels and ores. Now, place the ores in the Raw material slot and Flammable Ice as Fuel. You can split the Flammable Ice and put it in both Fuel slots for a faster smelting speed.

Craft the Mithril set!

Finally, we achieved our Mithril milestone! If you still have smelted Mithril ingots on your smelting table, take them off so they get transferred into your backpack. You can now craft Mithril-related items! If you've got some Timber with you, we recommend you craft these tools:

If you also have some spare Soft Leather and Brass, you can craft Mithril armor (Click the Equipment tab in your crafting table to see the armor recipes in-game):

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