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Miras Boss


Icefall Troll

The Icefall Troll always appears on top of ice mountains. The player doesn't need to summon it.

This troll is very strong. Bring the best weapons and armor before battling with it! After the Icefall Troll is defeated, it will drop a Devilfall Mask and Devilfall Spoils.

Icefall Trolls usually attack ice villages and freeze villagers periodically. They have a 30% chance of attacking. If the troll manages to win this attack, the raided ice village will be destroyed. Ice villages can be attacked from 12:00 to 22:00.


Tips: Volcano often appears in the northern area in Survival Mode

How to Summon

In the center of Miras, you can find three pedestals. To summon the Void Phantom - Haste, you need to defeat the Quetzalcoatl, Ancient Black Dragon and Ancient Giant to obtain their respective three items. Place these items on the pedestals.

Once summoned, engage in battle with Void Phantom - Haste. After bringing it down to low health, it will escape and transform into Void Phantom - Power near the volcano.

Upon defeating Void Phantom - Power, a Treasure Chest will appear at its location, containing the Fragment of the Triangular Gate. This fragment allows teleportation to any activated star station.

Void Phantom - Haste

Void Phantom - Power



[video]How to invoke the boss Quetzalcoatl


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