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Ancient Black Dragon


Its has been many year since the Black Dragon guarded the Broken Flame Sword, the promise make the “Ancient” is still remembered. To obtain the Broken Flame Sword, you must past its trial and prove your strength to the Black Dragon.


Creature ID 1203526
Model ID 3502
Type Boss
HP 2750
Melee attack (bite) damage 300
Projectile damage 80
Attack effect Burning 1
Assault type Hostile
Item drop N/A
Star exp drop 600 exp/60 level


How to kill the Ancient Black Dragon

Between day 50-150, you may have already got the upgrade for teleport stations to travel to Flamas. Then you head to the boss location following mini map, once you have made it there the fight starts. But before you fight the ancient black dragon, this page will tell you the items you need. Also, don’t forget to create a Backup before you fight.

  • Bow with enchantments (recommended). You need a bow or any other ranged weapons to hurt the ancient dragon when it is flying. You can use a bow with the rune of Infinite shot, or any other enchantments that will help will be needed to kill the ancient dragon easily.
  • Arrows (must have): If your bow does not have a engraved rune of Infinite shot, you must have arrows. You can easily get arrows with Merchants, since they sell high amounts of them cheaply. You should also make sure to backup your game right before the fight in case you lose all of your arrows and the dragon is still alive, so you can just reset the game to that backup and try again without having to collect more arrows.
  • Armor (must have): Armor is very important. You should have iron armor with 1 or more engraved runes on ALL the armor. Burning protection will surely help since the fireball attacks that ancient dragon throws is sure to damage you enough to even defeat you. Diamond Armor is good, and with engraved runes, even better.
  • Inventory space (Strongly recommended): If you beat the ancient dragon, break the jar and have no inventory space available, you will need to come back to Miras, store the other items that take up space, and go all the way back to the boss area (not to fight it again). It is not recommended to have a full inventory and when the boss area is too far away since the dropped items can disappear soon.

After you have beaten the ancient dragon, it's recommended to put the statue of its head somewhere safe (like a host only safe). You can also put the statue on display to flex. On top of a golden block, or with other special trophies. Just make sure that no vandals should break and steal your statue!

Other Info

After defeat this boss, you unlock 5 new recipe including A Bundle of Corns, Life Crystal, Rock Crystal, Lava Horn and Lava Stone Use on to summon the Black Dragon of Lava

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