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Recipes is the fourth tab of a player's inventory while in a Survival map. They also are a sign of the player's proficiency in cooking. They have been added in version 1.7.3 of Mini World: CREATA.


The Recipes tab and Menu section, with no recipes discovered. When a player initially creates a Survival map, all the food icons and their recipes in the Menu section are obscured and a question mark covers these. Only undiscovered foods' names and descriptions are visible.

To discover these foods, the player first needs to experiment and cook with different ingredients in the Stone Pot. Unlocked foods will then be unobscured and their recipes will be permanently visible in the specific Survival map where they were prepared. They will also be able to be cooked in a Mithril Pan for cooking in mass.


The Recipes tab and Ingredient section, viewing the Meat general ingredient. The Recipes tab also contains an “Ingredient” section for players to learn which items are considered to be part of an ingredient group, which there are six of:

List of general ingredients


Void Meat Grilled Yak Meat Yak Meat Roast Rabbit Rabbit Raw Ostrich Leg Tonton Meat Chicken Meat Wowomon steak Roast Wowomon Barbecue Roast Dodo Roast Ostrich Leg Roast Tonton Meat


Void Equinox Flower Void Wild Rose Void White Coco Flower Void Agave Void Tecoma Stans Void Hyacinth Equinox Flower Coltsfoot Void Dracaena Wild Rose Void Dracaena Flower Tecoma Stans Void Orchid White Coco Flower Void Limonium Sinuatum Pink Agave Grey Agave Red Agave Cactus Flower Crowfoot Grass Hyacinth Void Coltsfoot Dracaena Dracaena Flower Limonium Sinuatum Campanula Orange Agave Orchid

Neither Void Campanulas, Void Crowfoot Grass, nor Void Flowers are classified as flowers


Giant Buru Poplar Fruit Sacred Fruit Redwood Fruit Peach Giant Scaly Fruit Slice Starry Banana Banana Pinecone Arbor Fruit Cherry Walnut


Corn Hollyhock Perilla Soil-shoot Raw Seaweed Mutated Perilla Mutated Soil-shoot Cucumber Sweetpotato

Rice is not classified as a vegetable. It is its own thing.


Crab Stick Salmon Roast Gugufish Sundried Kikifish Fresh Gugufish Sundried Clownfish Roast Kikifish Roast Clownfish Fresh Clownfish Fresh Kikifish Roast Salmon

Crab Legs are not classified as seafood.

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