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Tutorial Day 2

This tutorial is the part 2 for newbies that don't know about the game and want to try its “Survival” game mode. You can learn about the different foods in game by reading this article.

Mini World has many different kinds of foods like noodles, pizza, fries, pies and many more! Let's start by learning the ways to obtain food:

In wild environments

  1. There is a chance that you can obtain food (or other materials) by breaking jars
  2. You can break Giant Scaly Fruits or Giant Burus that appear in the wild
  3. You can break fruits in trees and pick them up to eat later

By killing wild animals

  1. By attacking wild animals (Tontons, Wowomons, Antlered Deers, Dodos, fish or other animals) and killing them, they will drop their meat
    • Tip: Players can eat meat directly by holding the Use or right-click button. Eating cooked meat can restore more stamina. You can cook food by using a Bonfire, which you should already have in the starter house you spawned with. You can also eat meat raw, but it restores less stamina and you might get loose bowels.

By planting

  1. Plant Corn, wait for it to mature, harvest it once it's ripe, craft it into Corn Powder and cook it into Noodles with a Stone Pot.
  2. Plant cucumbers, sweetpotatoes, burus or scaly fruit, wait for them to mature, harvest them once they're ripe, and eat them directly (if you're harvesting a Giant Scaly Fruit, slice it on an Incomplete Crafting Table first) or use a Stone Pot to cook them further into other foods.

When you recently start your survival world, the items you have are limited, so it's not wise to travel far.
In the second day, you can collect some Corn Seeds nearby.

Tip: Breaking wild corn will drop themselves for you to plant or use

Use a Crafting Table to craft a Rake

Using a Rake to make a farmland field near water

Tip: Farmland near water helps your crops to grow better.

Growing Stages of Corn

To cook Noodles, you need 3 Corn Powder, a Bonfire and a Stone Pot. Noodles can restore 20 Stamina and 5 HP after eating!

Are you more confident after learning this? Start your adventure now and play!

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