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Polymer Gloves


Holding Polymer Gloves in your hand will give you the Snow Ball- With Ball effect. Tapping a Fluffy Snow block while holding Polymer Gloves will generate a snowball, and when you touch it you will be able to roll the snowball.

When a snowball touches another snowball, it becomes a snowman (the size of the snowballs do not matter). Snowballs grow larger when rolled on snow, and have no effect when climbing steps, but if they fall from a height of 3 blocks or more, the snowballs break and create Fluffy Snow blocks around them. The snowball decreases in size every 10 seconds.

The rolling snowball can be sent in the direction the character is facing using the skill button (right click on PC). If a rolling or flying snowball hits a creature, or if a projectile hits the snowball, it will damage any creatures within the range and that are on top of the lowest block within the range, and it will generate Fluffy Snow blocks nearby (damage and range vary depending on the size of the snowball). If the snowball is hit with an item that isn't a projectile or the player's hand, it will pop and disappear.


Can be crafted from Incomplete Crafting Table or Crafting Table Equipment.

Crafting Recipe

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