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Scarlet Dye Bottle
Scarlet Dye (an example of a dye bottle)
Colors can be made using Dye Bottles, which can paint any Cement Blocks, Cotton Blocks, Cotton Felts, Lucid Glass Blocks, Lucid Glass Panes, and Lucid Hard Glass Blocks after any of them are right-clicked or tapped while being held. The Dye Bottles with the primary colors can be crafted with a Small Glass Bottle and a material associated with the color, such as Cherries being used to craft Scarlet Dye Bottles. Other secondary or tertiary colors are made by mixing Dye Bottles on a Palette Stand. A list of these crafting recipes and mixes can be found here.

Primary colors

Secondary colors

Dye Bottle Mix of
Violaceous Scarlet + Sapphire Blue
Cinnabar Scarlet + Goose Yellow
Begonia Red Scarlet + Ivory
Emerald Sapphire Blue + Goose Yellow
Azure Blue Sapphire Blue + Ivory
Citrine Goose Yellow + Ivory

Tertiary colors

Dye Bottle Mix of
Crimson Violaceous + Cinnabar
Carmine Violaceous + Begonia Red
Cyan Blue Violaceous + Emerald
Bluish Purple Violaceous + Azure Blue
Cinerous Violaceous + Citrine
Sunset Orange Cinnabar + Begonia Red
Amber Cinnabar + Emerald
Dark Orange Cinnabar + Citrine
Lilac Begonia Red + Azure Blue
Cinnamon Begonia Red + Citrine
Virid Emerald + Azure Blue
Willow Green Emerald + Citrine
Turquoise Azure Blue + Citrine
Hoary Cinerous + Ivory
Coal Black Scarlet + Goose Yellow + Sapphire Blue
Caramel Cinnabar + Coal Black
Bamboo Green Emerald + Coal Black
Dark Purple Violaceous + Coal Black
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