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Eat it to reduce current HP by 10% and get a supply of Oxygen for 60s.


Oxy is a food item naturally found in Horas, on Genwood Trees. After eating a piece of Oxy, the player gets oxygen for 60 seconds in exchange that their health will decrease by 10% (this ignores any bonus health they have). They also get a Genwood Seed, which they can plant in a Horas pit and eventually grow into a Genwood tree with more Oxy. They can also use a Crafting Table or an Incomplete Crafting Table to directly make Oxygen Beans with the Oxy and plant them into Bald Genwood trunks.


  • Food: Oxy
    • Health: Minus 10%
    • Stamina: 0
    • Shield: 0
    • Energy: 0
    • Status Effect: Unstable Oxygen Supply


Fruits that grow on Genwood in Horas. Obtained by growing Oxygen Beans on Bald Genwood. Eat it to obtain Genwood Seeds, which can be crafted into Oxygen Beans with bare hands.

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