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The Wowomon is a remarkable creature characterized by its four legs and unique traits. Found within the game world, Wowomons are known to have a fondness for grass and cherries. They are particularly attracted to shiny places, adding a touch of curiosity to their behavior. With their gentle and docile nature, Wowomons can be tamed by players using Cherries, and then given any Rake for them to quickly turn grass and soil to farmland, showcasing their strength and utility in agricultural tasks.

One fascinating aspect of Wowomons is their ability to breed and reproduce, allowing players to establish a thriving population of these creatures. While they are generally peaceful, Wowomons will defend themselves by launching attacks if provoked or attacked. However, their attacks are relatively weak, posing minimal damage to their opponents.

It's important to note that Wowomons possess a self-preservation instinct. When their health points (HP) are low, they will instinctively flee from threats, prioritizing their safety over engaging in combat. This behavior ensures their survival and encourages players to be mindful of their well-being.


  • Creature Type: Animals
  • HP: 60
  • Attack Type: Melee
  • Attack Damage: 1 Physical Damage
  • Attack Range: 1.0
  • View Field: 16 Blocks
  • Movement Speed: 280 (Slow)
  • Drop Star EXP: 10


Special Behavior


  • Wowomons were turned back into cows in versions between 1.5.14 and 1.6.3. They have since transformed into Wowomons again in 1.7.3.
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