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Fluorescent Algae Fish

 Fluorescent Algae Fish


The Fluorescent Algae Fish naturally spawns in the ocean or deep sea. Its vibrant bioluminescent glowing lure, resembling the glowstick plants commonly found in the fish's biome (deep sea), is highly visible, even from a distance, making this fish easy to spot. It uses this glowing lure by hiding underground and sticking it out to lure in unknowing creatures, then attacking anything that touches it, including players! It's invincible during this state. This fish species boasts a substantial size and remarkable swimming speed. While it cannot be tamed, it has the ability to reproduce when fed with other fish. Keep an eye out for these magnificent creatures as they illuminate the depths of the ocean and add a sense of wonder to your aquatic explorations.


  • Creature Type : Aquatic Creature
  • HP : 500
  • Attack Type : Melee
  • Attack Damage : 75 Physical Damage
  • Attack Range : 1.0
  • Field View : 16 Blocks
  • Assault Mode : Passive (But will attack anything that touches its lure)
  • Drop Star Exp : 1

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