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Dango Tamed Dango


The endearing creatures known as Dangos reign over the landscape of planet Miras. These charming beings, with their whimsical presence, can be spotted inhabiting a variety of environments, including the rocky cliffs, red soil biomes, and the serene edge basins. When untamed, these captivating creatures take on the appearance of pink, bouncy blobs, adorned with the sweetest of faces. Two antennas, graced with light blue tips, adorn their forms, while they are cocooned within a delicate, iridescent bubble.

Their innate joy and energy manifest in their fondness for playful leaps and jumps. Although they stand on the smaller side of the spectrum, their enthusiasm knows no bounds. To establish a connection with these endearing inhabitants, aspiring tamers can employ the coveted Bubble Gum, provided the Dango in question has not been provoked. This precious commodity can be procured through various means, such as shattering clay jars, uncovering dungeon chests, or even triumphing over a Dango in combat. Yet, a word of caution is in order, as an aggrieved Dango has the ability to summon its companions for a bubble-based retaliation. A single strike against a Dango will spark nearby Dangos to converge, launching an onslaught of bubbles that entrap the unfortunate player. Within these ethereal spheres, the player is lofted into the air. However, if this airborne predicament persists when one is at a considerable altitude, the eventual expiration of the bubble's effect leads to a perilous descent, often culminating in injuries sustained from the fall.

Upon successfully taming a Dango, a harmonious partnership is forged. Any fortunate player who forges this connection gains the privilege of riding atop their Dango companion. During this enchanting ride, the once-present bubble dissipates, revealing the Dango's playful tongue protruding from its mouth. The creature's health varies randomly, ranging between 250 and 300 HP. Throughout the ride, spirited leaps and jumps are par for the course, creating a sense of jubilant movement. For those who aspire to elevate these leaps to new heights, an intriguing possibility beckons. Repeatedly executing manual jumps in a fixed location propels the Dango to ever-greater altitudes, culminating in a spectacular display of vertical prowess. However, this aerial acrobatics comes with its share of risks, as excessive jumps can result in the Dango suffering substantial fall-induced damage. But fear not, for a remedy exists to nurse the Dango back to health. By providing the creature with Cherries, it can regain lost vitality and continue its journey alongside its tamer.


  • Creature Type: Animals
  • HP: 100
  • Attack Type: Remote
  • View Field: 16 Blocks
  • Movement Speed: 300 (Slow)
  • Drop Star EXP: 0


Special Behavior

  • Follows players with Bubble Gum on their hands
  • Tamed Dangos will follow players with Cherries on their hands
  • Can call other Dangos to attack players that provoke them
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