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Skins are avatars that can be used to change the player's looks ingame. They are usually purchased with Mini Coins or skin shards, and may be obtained from some events. To use or change a skin, the player needs to access the Skin section of the Mall.


Each skin has its own profile icon and usually comes with cosmetic footprints or body effects. Some skins, especially more expensive ones and ones that are obtained from certain events, may have abilities that impact gameplay, such as transformation and resistance to harmful environmental effects, and may come with their respective avatar frames which can be used immediately after they are obtained by the player.

In the Mall, skins are sorted by categories such as Hot, Ads Exclusive! and New Release!. There are four types of skins:

  1. Purchaseable with Mini Coins: Skins of this type requires the player to have enough Mini Coins to purchase them, and they can be gifted to people in their friend list. Several skins allow the player to purchase temporary access for less than the price of purchasing them permanently. The player can use Skin Coupons to get a discount when purchasing skins of this type.
  2. Obtainable with skin shards: Skins of this type requires the player to get 500 skin shards to obtain them. Skin shards are specific to a skin and cannot be used to get other skins. Some skins allow the player to get temporary access to them with less than 500 skin shards.
  3. Limited Time Sale skins: They can only be purchased during certain Limited Time Sale events, and cannot be purchased otherwise. They can be gifted to friends, but only when they are featured in an active Limited Time Sale event.
  4. Event-only or non-purchaseable skins: They cannot be purchased directly in the Mall and can only be obtained through some events.

A list of skins that the player has owned can be seen in that player's Custom Skin page, which are sorted by Mall categories. Depending on the Custom Set setting on their profile, other players may not be able to view a player's owned skins.

List of skins

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