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A mysterious and powerful Magician who has a book full of mysteries and a seemingly useless magical headgear.

  • Body Effect: Exude magical aura
  • Avatar: Unlock avatar-Pumpkie


The elusive Pumpkie, you'll never guess what I'll do next, huhu~

  • Location: Frozen
  • Ability: Magic
  • Rival: Dracula VI
  • Weapon: Magic Book
  • Specialty: Origin magic

Rumor has it that… Pumpkie originated from a family of thieves, and successfully stole the most valued artifact from the magic library of ancient ruins. After that, Pumpkie gradually grew more mysterious. No one knew how Pumpkie appeared in the first place, nor why he suddenly vanished after doing countless inexplicable things. Nobody even knows whether Pumpkie is a boy or a girl.


Pumpkie is a name that has been passed down for at least… hundreds of years. This name best represents “a thief who never misses”.

For hundreds of years, countless artifacts, famous paintings, heirloom antiques, and confidential blueprints of high-tech companies on the planet, whether it is a rare gem the size of an egg or a sample of the latest spacecraft hundreds of meters long, all have been successfully stolen by Pumpkie.

All that's left at the crime scene, was a business card with a funny little pumpkin on it, which was Pumpkie's signature.

Pumpkie's targets were not limited to various planets in the sector of phoenix, and even in distant sectors such as the sector of rabbit, there have been many Pumpkie theft cases.

People speculate that Pumpkie could be a family of thieves, and only the best members of each generation will inherit the name Pumpkie and carry out various operations in the outside world.

Ten years ago, this generation of Pumpkie has successfully carried out one of the most notorious cases in all of family history…. Stealing the legendary Book of Origin Magic!

The theft of the Book of Origin Magic had made a great impact on the all of phoenix sector, all forces took actions.

The organization responsible for guarding the ancient ruins was furious and sent out numerous teams to track down Pumpkie.

All kinds of mercenaries and bounty hunters are coveting the huge reward of the notorious thief Pumpkie, and even the interstellar pirates who specialize in this sort of plunder, are eyeing this huge deal.

But it was an anonymous organization dedicated to exploring the mysteries of the Universe that found Pumpkie for the first time.

Outsiders have no way of knowing what agreement this mysterious organization has held with pumpkie. However, Pumpkie, who once again appeared in the public eye, completely abandoned his identity as a secret thief and became a crazy magician wearing a pumpkin on his head!

Afterwards, Pumpkie's origins grow more and more confusing!

Single-handedly wiped out a notorious pirate group out out of nowhere, only took the pirate captain's old pocket watch?

Snuck into the wand collection of the Magic Academy, but only smashed a skylight?

Swaggered through the strict security of the Magic Research Institute, entered the lowest level of the magic core. Only to leave a graffiti on the base of the core and floated away.

Suddenly jumped on the stage of an ordinary theater, and beat the lead actor in a dance off.

Showed up at a barnyard just to let a bunch of livestock loose.

These inexplicable events happened one after another.

People from all parties who are still tirelessly hunting for Pumpkie are very confused. They aren't afraid of powerful opponents, however Pumpkie's eccentricity and completely illogical way of action intimidates and confuses.

This guy must be crazy!

They finally had to come to this conclusion.

However, Dracula VI, who has been tracking Pumpkie, believes that this mysterious guy must be brewing some sort of malicious “big event” at hand…


  • Pumpkie's color scheme resembles the non-binary flag.
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