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A hybrid offspring of the carnivorous Tyrannosaurus rex, he is majestic on the outside and lonely on the inside. When a companion reads his mind, he will show a very gentle side!

  • Avatar: Unlock avatar
  • Body Effect: The aroma of roasted meat wafted over your body!

Obtaining method

This skin can only be obtained as a reward in the Gold Pass tier of Season Pass.


Though I'm strong, that doesn't I'm violent. I just have a bad temper. Real power comes from tenacity and kindness from within.

  • Birthday: July 21st
  • Zodiac sign: Cancer
  • Residence: Mini Cute
  • Personality: Cold, silent, just wants friends
  • Friend: Trisno


Tenos: “Hello everyone, my name is Tenos.”

Wushuang: “I heard… That Tenos is a hybrid descendant of the Tyrannosaurus rex! So cool~”

Tenos: “Um actually… It's not cool, it caused me a lot of trouble.”

Wushuang: “Oh! Really?”

Tenos: “Yeah… It started on the first day of Dinosaur Academy…”


Strangers in the Academy

In Dinosaur Academy, a T-Rex grows into a fascinating hybrid creature. They all have humanoid bodies, alongside the characteristics of a Tyrannosaurus rex, such as thick and powerful tails and dinosaur horns.

On his first day at Dinosaur Academy, Tenos felt nervous.

Tenos: “H-Hello, my name is Tenos, I came from…”

Student 1: “A Tyrannosaurus rex?! I heard his tail flicks like a spiked whip… He could clear an entire forest!”

Student 2: “He's like a shark on land and I don't wanna be in the latest Jaws movie!”

During his introduction, his classmates were cowering in fear. During class, the students gathered together for a heated gossip, but when Tenos walked over… They quickly scattered.

Tenos: “Don't go! I'm not scary…”

With great strength and an intimidating clan name, Tenos comes the Tyrannosaurus family, and he couldn't make any friends at the academy.

Tenos: “On the first day of the academy, everyone ostracized me…

Tenos, who longs to be accepted and understood, hopes to change the perception of his classmates. He begins to think about what makes him unique and strives to be kind and friendly.

He shared fun facts of the Tyrannosaurus rex tribe, but it only made his classmates stay further away from him.

Tenos: “Going here was a mistake… I wanna go home…

Only Friend

Amongst his classmates, arose a fellow dinosaur. A cute herbivore, Trisno.

From the moment their eyes met, they instantly became besties. They walked to school together, attended class together, during free time they admired each other, and they chatted in the botanical garden.

Tenos: “Trisno and I went through a similar dilemma. She is a humanoid who possesses the characteristics of a herbivorous dinosaur, which makes her stand out and a common target of bullying.”

Trisno: “We all wanna be, accepted and understood.”

Tenos protected Trisno, and gave her the confidence to stand for herself. Trisno taught Tenos how to understand and appreciate the characteristics and significance of different dinosaur species. They support, encourage and understand each other, establishing a healthy friendship.

Tenos: “Because of my Tyrannosaurus rex heritage, I can't control my temper. I remember one time, I roared at one of my classmates, and I was sent to detention. But Trisno always had my back and helped me overcome my rage and self-guilt.”

Trisno: “Of course, that's what friends are for! And when I was anxious of the expectations from my tribe, it was Tenos who reassured me and gave me courage to stand up again.”

The friendship between Tenos and Trisno was strong enough to change their peers perception. Gradually, the dinosaurs at the academy earned the respect of their peers, breaking discrimination and stereotypes. Their friendship serves as a role model in the academy, though some do envy.

During this encounter, Trisno and Tenos established a close friendship and supplied needs in each other's lives. Together they go on adventures, face challenges, grow together, and create a more inclusive and friendly environment for all of them to thrive.

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