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Jingle Deer

A cute and naughty deer that lives in the Happy Christmas Valley.

Skin Effects:

  • Body Effect: Christmas aura is around you!
  • Avatar: Unlock avatar-Jingle Deer
  • Footprint: Leaves Christmas deer footprints wherever you walk.

Obtaining method

This skin can be purchased for 485 Mini Coins. But now, Mini World: CREATA doesn't have any event to purchased it.


An elf girl who “disappears” every Christmas.

I really like eating ice cream.

Be the super VIP of the Sweet Star Ice Cream Truck!

Love shopping, love shopping,

He is the most welcome customer in all stores.

Can understand the language of almost all living things,

Is a mysterious language expert.

He wears a lot of bells, and when he hears the bells, he knows that Jingle Deer is coming!


Whether it’s delicious or fun,

Beautiful clothes that girls like,

It’s also a mechanical toy that boys like…

As long as you come across a jingle bell, you will buy it.

Santa Claus: You're buying so much mess, are you going to open a grocery store?

Jingle Deer: No, no, it's not a mess.

Santa Claus: Oh? Are these things you can use?

Jingle Deer: Nor is it ……

Santa Claus: What is that?

Jingle Deer: Grandpa Christmas, don't ask! I'm doing something very important anyway.

It's Christmas!

Merry Christmas~

Santa Claus, as usual, asks Dingle Bell to come with him to deliver gifts to the children of the mini-universe.

What's different is that this time, Jingle Deer also brought a big bag of stuff, more than Santa Claus had prepared!

And each item is accompanied by a card with a happy thing that Ding Ding Dong encountered during his travels~

Now, Santa Claus finally knows what the mess-looking things are for.

Jingle Deer: At Christmas, not only Christmas gifts, but also want to share my happiness with everyone~

Much later, there was one of the most special grocery stores on the planet that became famous among the stars.

Not only are there all kinds of special items, but there will also be cards handwritten by the store manager, just like the children in the mini universe receive at Christmas!

That is, “Jingle Deer Grocery Store”~

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