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Misoso is a tree spirit born from the Origin Tree, guarding the Miras. The character of the Misoso is simple and natural, he is ingenious, and often likes to use wood and leaves to make some interesting crafts and toys for everyone. Misso's favorite food is vegetarian.


  • Name: Misoso
  • Location: Cute Star
  • Affiliation: Star Power
  • mantra: Guarding the Green Home.


Legend has it that at the time of the birth of the mini-universe, a withered Origin Tree had its roots transformed into a special planet. The roots of the Origin Tree still have abundant creative power, and gradually, life is born on this planet.

When a star spirit was staying in the Sprout Star, he discovered that at some point, a tree spirit was born on top of the new shoots of the Origin Tree. The tree elf was born to understand the language of the Star Spirit, but he had never been anywhere else except the Misty Star.

Curious, he asked the Star Spirit about the outside world.

The Star Spirit discovered that, following his description, the Tree Spirit had actually begun to build. In a short time, a beautiful hot spring inn was built.

The hot spring could wash away the fatigue of his travels, and the fluffy bed would be as soft as a cloud when lying down. Xing Ling thought as he couldn't help but step into the hot spring inn.

In this way, the Star Spirit stayed at the Hot Spring Hotel and became good friends with the Tree Elves.

Jingle Bell, the most popular Christmas elf among children, has also settled in the Mystery Star.

Before leaving, the Star Spirit gave the tree spirit a name, the Misoso

With this hot spring inn, there are more star spirits who stay in the Misty Star. Every time the star spirits come to stay at the hot spring inn, they will leave something for the cute star. Sometimes, the Star Spirit will bring some peculiar guests. Some of these children will stay in the cute town, while others will go to other places in the cute star. The Misty Star was built little by little, becoming more and more lively, and it became the favorite place of the star spirits, and it was also the favorite place of the Misty Suo.

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