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Bunny Beauty

Skin icon for Bunny Beauty A cute bunny who leaves carrot footprints wherever she passes by.

In Mini World: CREATA

Obtaining method

Bunny Beauty can be purchased for 300 Mini Coins. A 30-day trial for Bunny Beauty can also be purchased using 180 Mini Coins, or a 7-day trial for 90 Skin Cards. She can also be obtained for free in the Newbie Daily Login after hitting the 14th day of logging into Mini World: CREATA and then claiming the reward.

Skin effects

  • Footprint: Leaves carrot footprints wherever you walk.
  • Avatar: Unlock avatar-Bunny Beauty

In Universe

  • Birthday: October 10th
  • Zodiac sign: Libra
  • Planet: Mini Cute
  • Personality: Outgoing
  • Likes: Desserts, fashion, sweets, white-haired girls
  • Dislikes: Bitter
  • Girlfriend: Jingle Deer

Singing, dancing, drawing… Bunny Beauty is an overachiever. No matter what, Bunny Beauty cannot be missed. She is a ringleader who can hold the whole audience. No matter when, Bunny Beauty maintains a beautiful public appearance. The mirror for going out is a must. All people are equal in Bunny Beauty's eyes. Everyone believes what other people say about the beauty of the rabbit. Because trust makes the world a better place. In short, Bunny Beauty loves everything beautiful, including you.


Mini Friends

  • Charm: 90%
  • Endurance: 50%
  • Intelligence: 68%
  • Speed: 65%
  • Vigor: 38%

In Mini World Royale

  • Treasure Hunter: Reveal treasure pots within a certain range, even pots behind walls can also be seen.
  • Windfall: When destroying purple or golden treasure pots, you can obtain an additional rare item.
  • Bunny Hop: After being hit, increase movement speed for a period of time


  • Bunny Beauty's color scheme matches the lesbian flag.
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