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  • name: Mermale
  • Ability: star power
  • mantra: Only fish with dreams will be happy
  • Character Relationships
  • Mom: Mama Yu
  • Dad: Dad Yu
  • Eldest sister: Yu Dabao
  • Second sister: Yu Erxi
  • Fourth sister: Yu Xiaohuan
  • Good friends: Rabbit Meimei, Naughty Child, Misra , and Fatty
  • Introduction: Yu Xiaole is a cute fish kid who loves to drink orange juice. His family opened a marine restaurant on the bottom of the sea. He has two older sisters and one younger sister. As the only boy in the family, Yu Xiaole was often “bullied” by his older sisters. In order to study, he came to the land alone. But the playful Yu Xiaole always forgets his responsibilities.


Yu Xiaole has always believed that he is a person who does great things. In the legendary stories he has heard, the protagonist is often at a low point in life at the beginning, his potential is not realized, and his talents are not recognized, just like him now.

The beautiful girl standing at the door of Yu Xiaole's room is Yu Xiaole's second sister, Yu Erxi.

If there is a person in the Yu family who is most loved by his parents, then that person must undoubtedly be Yu Erxi. Why is this? Because the Yu family has an “ocean restaurant” under the sea, and Yu Erxi is a very capable helper. As long as Yu Erxi helps, the turnover can always double.

However, in Yu Xiaole's eyes, his second sister, Yu Erxi, is the biggest villain in his life.

From childhood to adulthood, Yu Erxi relied on his parents' trust in him and strictly controlled Yu Xiaole's food, clothing, housing and transportation. You can't be picky about eating, you must take turns doing housework, and you can't go to bed past 10 o'clock at night. If Yu Xiaole disobeys, what awaits him is his mother's mental torture and his father's violent suppression.

Yu Xiaole thought for a minute about the consequences if he resisted.

Yu Xiaole had no choice but to pick out the orange juice bottle and throw it into the garbage bag marked as recyclable garbage. But his heart was roaring: “I am a person who does big things, why do I need to learn how to sort garbage?”

However, Yu Xiaole feels that washing clothes is not completely without benefits. A careless father often forgets change in his pocket, which is a big source of Yu Xiaole's pocket money. This time Yu Xiaole put his hand into his father's coat pocket as usual, hahaha! There was also a handful of change this time. Yu Xiaole was about to walk into the attic and put the change in his attic vault.

At this moment, a figure emerged from the attic, startling Yu Xiaole.

The girl who came out was wearing a long cloak with a hood, and she looked mysterious as if she was connecting with an underground organization. This person is Yu Xiaole's eldest sister, Yu Dabao, and the second boss in Yu Xiaole's life.

When Yu Dabao saw Yu Xiaole, he immediately raised his finger and said “Shhh”

Yu Xiaole had a bad premonition.

Sure enough, Yu Dabao pointed to Yu Xiaole's small treasury and said proudly as if he had made some great contribution:

Unexpectedly, we found another mini treasure box in our house. Unfortunately, there was only money in it. It's really strange, why is there only money in the treasure box at our house?

Yu Xiaole resignedly put down the comic book and orange juice in his hands. Immediately trot to the bathroom.

Yu Erxi slowly followed him to supervise the work.

In the mini universe, there has always been a legend about the mini treasure box. As one of the oldest planets in the mini-universe, Mi Meng Star naturally has many people who come to look for the treasure box. Yu Dabao is one of the treasure hunters.

She joined a special scientific expedition team, and the team also took over the task of finding a treasure box. Since then, she has been fascinated by archeology and exploration. All of Yu Xiaole's secret bases were also damaged. Now even his most hidden treasury has been dug out by the eldest sister.

Yu Xiaole covered his chest to prevent himself from being so angry that his heart would stop. Reason prevented him from taking back the “treasure box” in the hands of his eldest sister. If the eldest sister knew that this was Yu Xiaole's hidden pocket money, she would either beat him and take the money away, or tell her parents and hand over the full amount. Both of these are obviously not good choices.

Yu Xiaole endured the heartache and forced a smile:

Heaven is about to entrust this person with a great responsibility, and he must first work hard for his mind and body… Yu Xiaole walked into the kitchen silently reciting ancient prose. At this moment, he just wanted to find a place to be quiet.

A strange smell wafted from the kitchen, and Yu Xiaole suddenly remembered something, turned around and wanted to rush out the door.

With a “bang”, a pair of hands quickly closed the door in front of him.

The sweet girl looked at him with the excitement of a hunter seeing his prey:

This is Yu Xiaole's fourth sister, Yu Xiaohuan, and the third boss in Yu Xiaole's life.

Yu Xiaole actually likes Yu Xiaohuan very much. If there is someone in the Yu family who can understand Yu Xiaole's ambition, then this person can only be Yu Xiaohuan. Not to mention, Yu Xiaohuan would help Yu Xiaole hide his comic books when Yu Erxi searched Yu Xiaole's room. It should be said that Yu Xiaole liked her very much as long as it was not Yu Xiaohuan's time to cook.

There are 4 plates of dishes on the table, and the presentation of each plate looks pleasing to the eye, tempting people to taste it. But the strange smell wafting from these dishes made Yu Xiaole wake up instantly.

No, he didn't want to experience the taste of dark cuisine again. Even though these dishes don't look dark at all, only Yu Xiaole, who has tried them, knows how desperate they really taste.

Can Yu Xiaole refuse? Can he? No! He can't!

Yu Xiaole tasted the nightmare taste again. In this extremely painful experience, Yu Xiaole suddenly woke up and stayed at the bottom of the sea. Under the obstruction of the three bosses, it was impossible for him to become a person who could do great things. He must leave this place and start a new life. So he decided! Just go to the shore!

After saying goodbye to his parents, elder sister and younger sister, Yu Xiaole went to the shore. A beverage developer came to the hot spring hotel in Mimeng Town. He came to Yu Xiaole for the reason of studying.

There are generally not too many guests in hot spring hotels. They seem to prefer buying drinks from Meimei Tumei's “Sweet Star” ice cream truck. So most of the time, Yu Xiaole is very idle.

The sun was shining warmly on the small town of Mimeng. Yu Xiaole was lying on the beach drinking orange juice. He was extremely comfortable. He vaguely remembered that he came to the shore for a great goal. However, he now feels that being a salted fish may suit him better. Let that goal be a beautiful dream.

After all, Mom said, only fish with dreams are happy.

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