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Super Seal


The Super Seal is a remarkable aquatic mount and the second stage of the Captain Seal, engineered with dual capabilities: seamless diving and swift torrent navigation, enabling players to effortlessly explore the depths of the ocean. Its advanced design enhances the player's underwater experience by providing a quick dash underwater and great mobility. This aquatic companion ensures both better mobility and prolonged exploration, offering a unique and immersive adventure beneath the waves.


  • Health: 200
  • Speed: 600
  • Jump Power: 80


  • The Super Seal is obtainable through the Garden fruits, which may drop Captain Seal shards. Since the Super Seal is the second stage of the Captain Seal, you'll be able to unlock it. Obtaining the Super Seal requires having obtained the first stage before, obtained the same way. Certain events may also give Captain Seal shards.


  • Baby Mount: Allows the mount to leave an egg in the map after 1 hour of being spawned, and can be shared between other players. This egg hatches after 4 in-game days. The mount's egg laying timer resets when the mount is defeated or after laying an egg. The mount's owner can lay the egg anytime by going into the mount's in-game details and clicking the Baby Mount icon.
  • Dive: The mount will be able to swim underwater.
  • Torrent: After pressing the Jump button or key in the water, the mount will dash forward.
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