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Cool Mini Hopter


Cool Mini Hopter is a new mount in Mini World in 2021. This special friend will help you have exciting adventures. It has two main skills: Hover and Low Glide. With its technological appearance, it is a good choice for you. It is like a pinwheel in Doraemon comic. Let’s become the owner of “Cool Mini Hopter” and we will adventure together.


  • Health: 140
  • Speed: 400
  • Jump: 60


  • Watching Adversitiment and receive shard. Receive 300 shard and change it to mount (Cool Mini Hopter)


  • Hover: The character will be hovering from the ground and the propeller spinning sound effect will be played automatically
  • Low Gliding: You'll be able to fly at low altitude for a short distance with no HP loss while falling by pressing [Jump].
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