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Tonton is a delightful creature with four legs and a coat of incredibly soft and fluffy fur. These adorable animals have an affinity for cucumbers, finding them to be an irresistible treat. Additionally, Tontons thoroughly enjoy sleep and can often be found napping in cozy corners, adding a touch of tranquility to their presence.

One fascinating aspect of Tontons is their ability to produce nutrient-rich poop that serves as excellent fertilizer for plants. This organic fertilizer can significantly enhance plant growth and accelerate the development of lush greenery. Tonton owners can collect their waste and utilize it strategically in gardens or agricultural areas to create thriving and vibrant plant life.

With their charming appearance and beneficial contributions to plant growth, Tontons bring joy and utility to the game. Their soft fur, love for cucumbers, and restful nature make them endearing companions. Furthermore, their eco-friendly role as natural fertilizers highlights their ecological significance and reinforces the importance of caring for these delightful creatures.


  • Creature Type : Animals
  • HP : 60
  • Attack Type : Non-Attack
  • View Field : 16 Blocks
  • Movement Speed : 300 (Slow)
  • Drop Star Exp : 1
  • Drop : 1~2 Tonton Meat


  • Food : Grass Feed , Cucumber Feast
  • Place : Haystack

Special Behavior

  • Sleeping
  • Will Follows Cucumber Feast
  • When Fed with Cucumbers will poop and drop Fertilizer
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