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Snow Rabbit


These herbivorous mammals can be summoned by using them on a target location, resulting in the generation of a Snow Rabbit. They can be attracted by using Grass FeedGrass Feed. Snow rabbits do not exhibit any special behaviors. To help a young Snow Rabbit grow up, feed it Grass FeedGrass Feed twice. If you feed two adult Snow Rabbits Grass FeedGrass Feed once, they will breed near a HaystackHaystack. Defeating a Snow Rabbit allows you to obtain Rabbit and Snow Rabbit Fur.


  • Creature Type : Animals
  • HP : 50
  • Attack Type : Non-Attack
  • View Field : 16 Blocks


  • Food : Grass FeedGrass Feed
  • Attract, feed, grow, and return blood: Grass FeedGrass Feed If there is a HaystackHaystack within the range of [10 * 10] at this time, breeding will be carried out, and the [breeding status] will be canceled immediately after breeding.

Special Behavior

  • None
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