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Seahorses are gentle creatures that naturally spawn in Ocean Biomes, often found near coral reefs. They have a special affinity for coral and reefs. With the use of Jellyfish Cores, Seahorses can be tamed and become loyal mounts for players. It's important to be mindful of their peaceful nature. If accidentally attacked, Seahorses will become aggressive and retaliate. However, once you leave the water, they will quickly forget the incident. An interesting behavior of Seahorses is their ability to enter camouflage mode when jellyfish are nearby, further showcasing their adaptability in their oceanic habitat.


  • Creature Type : Aquatic Creatures
  • HP : 100
  • Attack Type : Melee
  • Attack Damage : 8 Physical Damage
  • Attack Range : 1.0
  • View Field : 16 Blocks
  • Movement Speed : 350 (Normal)
  • Drop Star Exp : 13
  • Drop : 1 Allochroic Glands

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