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The Raptor is a fearsome creature that can be found in the Redwood Biomes of MiniWorld. Known for its aggressive and powerful nature, the Raptor actively seeks out and attacks players, relentlessly chasing them in pursuit. Its formidable strength and ferocity make it a formidable opponent to encounter during your adventures.

However, there is an interesting twist when it comes to the Raptor's behavior. When the Raptor's health points (HP) are low, it switches gears and adopts a more cautious approach. Instead of continuing the fight, it will opt to run away, prioritizing its own survival. This presents an opportunity for players to tame the Raptor while it is in a weakened state.

Taming a Raptor requires skill and careful approach. With patience and the right resources, players have the chance to establish a bond with these once-aggressive creatures. Once tamed, the Raptor becomes a loyal companion, offering its strength and skills to aid you in your adventures.

Approach the Raptor with caution, as its aggressive nature and powerful attacks can pose a significant challenge. But remember, with the right approach and timing, you have the chance to transform this formidable foe into a trusted ally.


  • Creature Type: Animals
  • HP: 200
  • Attack Type: Melee
  • Attack Damage: 75 Physical Damage
  • Attack Range: 2.0
  • View Field: 16 Blocks
  • Movement Speed: 400 (Fast)
  • Drop Star Exp: 20
  • Drop: Soft LeatherSoft Leather ×2


Special Behavior

  • Actively Attacks Players if HP are not Low
  • Runs away when low on HP
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