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Flamas Monster

These mobs reside below the surface in Flamas, a torrid atmosphere with lava lakes all around. Be cautious! It's a dangerous place to explore.

boom egg Name: Boom Egg
Intro: The Boom Egg is a monster that appears on Flamas, and the volcano, though in older versions, it would appear only appear on Miras. Upon nearby contact with a player, it will explode after a few seconds, making small fire balls and causing fires around its explosion radius. It's presence can be noted around the players due to it's unique sound that they create on occasions.

Name: Molten Giant
Intro: Molten Giants are powerful entities that reside among the torrid atmosphere of the Flamas dimension, They are hostile against players and have a slow pace. They Have the highest attack among any other Hostile creature in mini world and were introduces to the game during mini-world's official release.

Name: Sulfer Archer
Intro: Sulfur Archer is a Monster that fire's a Burning arrow, That has 30 damage and continuous fire damage, Sulfur archers are quite dangerous and must be watched out for while tresspassing their territory located within the depths of the underworld.

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