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Crabs in the game have unique movement behavior, as they can only strafe sideways and are unable to move forward or backward. However, they compensate for this limitation by strafing at high speeds. Despite their fast movements, crabs are harmless creatures commonly found in the Ocean Beach Biome. While exploring the beach, you may come across these intriguing animals, which pose no threat to players. Enjoy observing their distinctive sideways motion as they scuttle along the shorelines of the game world.


  • Creature Type : Animals
  • HP : 50
  • Attack Type : Melee
  • Attack Damage : 3 Physical Damage
  • Attack Range : 1.0
  • View Field : 16 Blocks
  • Movement Speed : 200 (Slow)
  • Drop Star Exp : 10
  • Drop : 1 Crab Leg

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