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Tungsten Ore

Tungsten can be smelted in the Smelting Table. Need to be collected with Titanium Pickaxe or more advanced ones.

Acquistion Method:
Very rare ore, which may appear on Horas.


Block ID 404
Blast Resistance 100
Hardness 50
Luminant No
Flammable No
Collision Solid
Tools required for collection Titanium Pickaxe
Tungsten Drill
Horas Copper Drill
Drops Itself
Stackable Yes (64)


Tungsten Ore is a mineral block in Mini World.


From natural generation on Horas

Tungsten Ore may generate inside Horas caves. It can be broken with a Titanium Pickaxe or more advanced equivalents.


Tungsten Ore can be put into a Smelting Table to produce Tungsten.

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