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Mithril Rake

Mithril Rake

Melee Damage +121)
A farming tool that can be used to turn Soil Blocks and Grass Blocks into Farmlands.
Use it to harvest fully grown crops within the range of 3×3.


(as in item description)
Physical Attack: +25


The Mithril Rake is a mid-tier Rake, and is an upgrade from the Brass Rake. It takes around 0.7 seconds to reclaim a block of Soil or a Grass Block, can harvest fully grown crops within the 3 by 3 range, and deals 30 melee damage when used as a weapon. Crafting a Mithril Rake requires 3 Mithril ingots and 2 pieces of Timber. It's a decent rake and lasts for more, but is also a little expensive.

Dual wield


Find this item in the Tools > Rake category in a Crafting Table or an Incomplete Crafting Table and craft it using these materials:
Mithril (3)
Timber (2)


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