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Fusion Bench

Fusion Bench

Place Creation Crystal into the Fusion Bench to provide it with energy. When there is energy remaining, place two weapons into it to turn them into Akimbo Weapons1)!


The Fusion Bench is an utility block in Mini World: CREATA, used to combine two tools or weapons together. After placing a Fusion Bench, it'll initially have no energy. The player can recharge the bench by 50% if they interact with it while holding a Creation Crystal. After being recharged, the player can now place two tools or weapons into the station and attempt to combine them. One combination attempt will consume 20% of the station's energy, regardless of whether it was successful or not. If the station has less than 20% energy, and an item combination is attempted, the process will halt until it's recharged. If an attempt is successful, both items will combine into a single one, which can also combine the statistics and abilities of both items.


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To prevent confusion, Akimbo Weapons are dual wield items.
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