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The Gravitis, known as Graviti in singular form, are mysterious Horas entities that hold a pivotal role in the Mini World universe, serving as the progenitors of the well-known Rockis, Frostis, and Bullis.

Dwelling amidst the ethereal beauty of Horas' floating islands, Gravitis exude an aura of otherworldly intrigue. Their form is characterized by a striking dark purple hue, punctuated by the presence of dark pink horns that command attention. With their unique physique, Gravitis lack traditional legs, instead, they float gracefully with an air of ethereal elegance. The sight of their singular large eye and floating hands, adorned with dark nails, adds to their captivating appearance.

Unlike their descendants, the Rockis, Frostis, and Bullis, Gravitis are solitary beings, refraining from communication with each other. These creatures possess the remarkable ability of flight, enabling them to traverse the skies of Horas with an unmatched freedom. Unburdened by the need for taming, they carve out their existence within the confines of the floating islands, often safeguarding the precious resources that these realms hold, such as Horas Copper, Tungsten, or Purple Fluorite. Intriguingly, Gravitis' guardianship over these floating islands is underscored by their defensive nature. Should they catch sight of a player in proximity to these valuable resources, Gravitis respond with a unique form of attack. They unleash dark purple orbs that, upon impact, induce a dizzying effect on the player, reversing their movements and potentially proving fatal to those who are unarmored. There is also a chance that a Graviti may ensnare a player, subjecting them to immobilization through chains with a purple aura. This immobilization draws the player towards the Graviti, a mesmerizing but dangerous effect accompanied by a continuous Chaos Damage of 15 points per second.

Confronting and ultimately defeating a Graviti yields a unique reward – the coveted Gravity Crystal. This precious resource serves as a fundamental ingredient in the crafting of various weapons and tools. These creations include Hook Shots, tools that allow players to be pulled to different locations; Energy Pulse Bows, wielding arrows of enhanced power that can ricochet between walls; and Black Dragon Chaos Balls, orbs capable of summoning Chaos Archers when thrown.


  • Creature Type: Monsters
  • HP: 250
  • Attack Type: Remote
  • View Field: 24 Blocks
  • Movement Speed: 200 (Slow)
  • Drop Star EXP: 21


  • Gravitis cannot be tamed.

Special Behavior

  • Is able to fly
  • Has 2 attacks: dark purple orbs and trapping the player
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