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The Rockis, known as Rocki in singular form, are peculiar creatures that possess a distinctive appearance and intriguing behaviors that make them a fascinating part of the Mini World universe. Residing on the enigmatic planet of Horas, Rockis are black aliens that sport an eye-catching skull helmet which envelops most of their body. With their small arms and legs, these creatures have a uniquely endearing charm. Their single large eye grants them an almost otherworldly allure, a captivating sight for any explorer.

One of the most intriguing aspects of Rockis is their social nature. When in the company of other Horas creatures, Rockis engage in a unique form of communication. They utilize speech bubbles adorned with images, occasionally jumping, dancing, and moving their small arms as they interact with their companions. This behavior creates a captivating spectacle that highlights their connection to the vibrant world around them. However, their social tendencies undergo a significant shift in the presence of players near them. Rockis, typically lively and expressive, become skittish when players draw near. At the first sign of danger, they will flee to safety, illustrating their cautious and survival-oriented mindset.

Rockis are also quite curious creatures, and will break Smelting Tables, Oxygen Refiner Devices and Incomplete Crafting Tables, probably in a failed attempt to use them.

But do not underestimate the Rockis' ability to defend themselves. When provoked by player attacks, these creatures rally together, forming a formidable group that retaliates with a unique arsenal: bombs. These bombs are launched with precision, posing a threat to any player who challenges their domain.

Interestingly, Rockis can be tamed using Yummy Corn Desserts, transforming from skittish beings to loyal allies. Once tamed, they become fiercely protective, unleashing their bomb-throwing abilities against any enemy or creature that threatens their player companion.

Rockis also exhibit an extraordinary ability: fusion. When endangered and seeking to increase their power, Rockis will merge with certain other creatures from the Horas planet. This fusion results in remarkable transformations, each with its own distinct traits and abilities. A fusion with another Rocki produces a Big Rocki, capable of launching larger and more potent bombs. Merging with a Frosti creates a Frocki, capable of freezing players with icy blue bombs. Meanwhile, a fusion with a Bulli yields a Roclli, hurling red bombs that can knock players into the air. Though these fused forms are undoubtedly formidable, they are not invincible. When defeated, they dissolve back into their individual components, reverting to their initial state of skittishness and retreating from danger.


  • Creature Type: Monsters
  • HP: 120
  • Attack Type: Remote
  • View Field: 16 Blocks
  • Movement Speed: 200 (Slow)
  • Drop Star EXP: 10
  • Drops: Rock Shard


Special Behavior

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