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The Bullis (or Bulli in singular form) are aggressive and agile Horas creatures. These alien-like beings bring a mix of striking appearance and intriguing behaviors to the forefront of the Mini World universe.

Residing within the enigmatic landscapes of Horas, Bullis are captivating yellow aliens adorned with intricate red stripes. Their unique appearance is further accentuated by the presence of two imposing red horns, a single large eye, and a pair of small yet remarkably agile arms and legs.

The social dynamics of Bullis reveal their communicative and expressive nature. When surrounded by fellow Horas creatures, Bullis engage in intriguing conversations punctuated by the use of speech bubbles with funny images. Their lively interactions include occasional jumping, dancing, and expressive arm movements, showcasing their remarkable ability to connect with their companions through visual language. However, the Bullis' behavior takes a stark turn when encountering players. Possessing a strong territorial instinct, Bullis exhibit aggressive tendencies upon sighting players. Their response is swift and unrelenting – they charge headlong at the player, using their formidable horns and size to their advantage. Should the player prove too slow to evade their initial charge, the Bullis approach and deliver a punishing blow before charging again. This behavior creates a sense of tension and urgency, challenging players to navigate their surroundings carefully.

Curiously, Bullis possess the potential for taming. When approached with caution and the right offering, which is a Yummy Giant Buru Pie, these aggressive beings can be calmed and tamed. Once tamed, Bullis transform into loyal companions, utilizing their strength to engage in melee attacks against any foes that threaten their player ally.

In moments of severe danger, Bullis reveal a remarkable ability for fusion. When pushed to the brink of defeat, they seek out other Horas creatures to merge with, resulting in awe-inspiring transformations. A fusion of two Bullis gives rise to a Big Bulli, armed with the capability to hurl dangerous lava balls that scorch and burn players upon impact. A fusion with a Frosti yields the creation of a Froslli, capable of launching icy lava balls that induce a significant slowing effect upon contact. This icy attack can even prove fatal to an unarmored player. The potential for lethal impact adds an element of challenge and strategy when encountering these formidable foes. Furthermore, when fused with a Rocki, a Roclli is formed – a creature that launches red bombs with knockback effects, reminiscent of the Rocki's own explosive capabilities.

Despite their ferocity, Bullis can be subdued through triumph. Overcoming these fused entities leads to their separation, reverting to their initial skittish state and fleeing from danger, which can be an opportunity for taming.


  • Creature Type: Monsters
  • HP: 140
  • Attack Type: Melee
  • View Field: 16 Blocks
  • Movement Speed: 200 (Slow)
  • Drop Star EXP: 10


Special Behavior

  • Follows players with Yummy Giant Buru Pies on their hands
  • Can fuse with other certain creatures when having low HP
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