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The Frostis, known as Frosti in singular form, are mesmerizing Horas creatures that bring a unique blend of beauty and interactivity to the forefront of the Mini World universe.

Residing amidst the enchanting landscapes of Horas, Frostis are adorned in a captivating light blue hue, accented by a solitary dark blue stripe that graces the center of their bodies. Their appearance is further embellished by the presence of multiple delicate ice spikes atop their heads, adding to their allure. With a pair of dexterous arms and legs, as well as a single large eye, Frostis exhibit a mesmerizing blend of form and grace.

Frostis' interactions with their surroundings underscore their communicative and sociable nature. When found in the company of fellow Horas creatures, Frostis engage in captivating conversations marked by speech bubbles adorned with images. Their joyful interactions include playful jumps, dances, and expressive arm movements, signifying their profound ability to engage with their companions through visual dialogue. Unlike their counterparts, Frostis display a rather unique response to the presence of wandering players. Instead of immediate fear or aggression, Frostis continue to engage in harmonious play with other Horas creatures. This amiable behavior paints them as harmonious members of their ecosystem, enhancing the sense of coexistence in the game world. However, should a player provoke a Frosti, the provoked individuals will retaliate with determination, showcasing a notable self-defense mechanism. These provoked Frostis unleash ranged ice dart attacks that, upon impact, inflict a severe slowing effect upon the player for a duration of 3 seconds. This unique ability not only adds an element of challenge but also introduces strategic considerations as players navigate encounters with Frostis.

Remarkably, Frostis possess the potential for taming. When approached with care and offered Yummy Fruit Platters, these creatures can be pacified and tamed. Once tamed, Frostis transition into loyal companions, utilizing their ranged ice dart attacks to engage enemies and creatures that pose a threat to their player ally.

In times of potential defeat, Frostis reveal an extraordinary fusion capability. When faced with grave danger, they seek out fellow Horas creatures to merge with, resulting in remarkable transformations. A fusion of two Frostis gives rise to a Big Frosti, equipped with the ability to simultaneously launch three ice darts, capable of inflicting potentially lethal damage upon impact. Furthermore, a fusion between a Frosti and a Rocki creates a Frocki, unleashing icy blue bombs that freeze players upon contact. In a fusion with a Bulli, a Froslli is born – a creature capable of launching icy lava balls with a severe slowing effect that can even prove fatal to an unarmored player. Defeating these fused entities leads to their separation, reverting to their original state of timidity and prompting them to flee from danger. This unique behavior presents an opportunity for players to calm them down and tame these fascinating creatures.


  • Creature Type: Monsters
  • HP: 130
  • Attack Type: Remote
  • View Field: 16 Blocks
  • Movement Speed: 200 (Slow)
  • Drop Star EXP: 10
  • Drops: Ice Crystal


Special Behavior

  • Talks with other Horas creatures using speech bubbles with images
  • Follows players with Yummy Fruit Platters on their hands
  • Can fuse with other certain creatures when having low HP
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